Bleach London Review

I started my quest for white blonde hair around 2 years ago and ever since have been battling with dryness and yellowy tones in particular. My hair has always been naturally quite dry and bleaching it blonde has never done it any favours. I just stick to colouring the roots and even then I do it every few months rather can weeks just to try and save it a bit more.

I've been using PRO:VOKE silver shampoo for quite some time after receiving a trial size in a Glossybox a while ago and never thought to explore the market until I watched Gabby from VelvetGh0st mention the brand Bleach London.

This stuff is amazing! Colour wise it is very similar to PRO:VOKE as the violet tones are so deep and rich that they really do help to tone out all the nasty brassy tones, but what really impressed me is how much whiter my hair went after using this set. Bleach London really does create more of a silvery tone for my hair that I never achieved before and it always lasts a long time so I really only use it once a week. The bottle doesn't advise this anywhere but I've experimented with leaving it on for a few minutes rather than rinse it straight off and it gives very subtle lilac tones which I have had tonnes of compliments over at work. I think it all depends really on how silvery/purple you want your hair, but the fact that this product can offer a range of shades in one bottle is brilliant.

The only down side is the products don't smell particularly attractive - there isn't a fresh cleanliness like you get with standard shampoos and conditioners but they get the job done that they're designed for so its not a huge issue for me. I just slap some argan oil or leave in conditioner over the top when its slightly damp after washing! I haven't yet tried the Rose Shampoo, which is supposed to give a pink tinge to the hair but I can't wait to give it a go and see how the colour turns out.

Let me know if you've ever tried Bleach London and if you have, how did they work for you?

Ellis x

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