Yankee Candle Calendar

This is quite possibly the best advent calendar I have ever received in my life!
Being 24 years old, buying advent calendars isn't something I think about anymore.
Then Jame's mum turns up and she's got us all sorted out. Names iced on and all.
This year however, I have had two calendars to open. My birthday is November 30th and James' parents were kind enough to get me one of the Yankee Candle advent calendars and opening the doors has been so much fun!

Included are 6 different scented tea lights - Bundle Up, Candy Cane Lane, Icicles, Snowflake Cookie, Spiced Orange and Winter Glow. The big boy at the end is a votive candle, appropriately named Christmas Eve and I can't wait to smell this one! I have managed to get my mitts on each of the flavours so far and my favourite has to be Candy Cane Lane. I expected it to be minty but instead its just pure sweetness. I think these advent calendars are a great alternative to the traditional chocolate ones and they're an extra bit of Christmassy fun.

Let me know if you had an advent calendar this year and if you did, what kind was it?
I'm dying to try out the Benefit one for 2016!

Ellis x

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