Baby Lips - Valentines Edition

Whilst mooching around Boots the other week in the Vicky Centre in Nottingham, I noticed these at the end of one of the make up isles. I've bought many Baby Lips lip balms before so these were no exception. I'm also the type of person who finds it mandatory to have a lip balm upon my person at all times, so the fact that I must own 10,000 different lip balms doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I remember when I first heard about Baby Lips - I was watching Grav3yardgirl on YouTube rave about them and I was instantly drawn in by the really cute packaging over anything else, but they weren't available in the UK at the time. I remember waiting around a year before being able to get my hands on some and I have adored them ever since.

What I especially love about these Valentines editions is the super cute heart shape at the beginning of each stick, along with the subtle shimmer they've added in for extra sparkle. I picked up the two shades which are Pomme D'Amour and Candy Kiss, both of which are beautiful and add just a tint of colour to your lips.

These are available from :)

Let me know what your favourite flavour of Baby Lips is! 

Ellis x

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