I've mentioned before that I can't go anywhere without having a lip balm on me, so when I stupidly forgot to put one in my bag before heading out, I found myself dashing into Boots for an emergency supply. Thinking nothing of it, I grabbed a Balmi. Hadn't seen them before, thought the packaging was pretty cute and the lip balm comes in a cute cube container. Little did I know this sparked off yet another love affair with a beauty product and I now find myself buying one whenever I see them. 

These little cubes of goodness are just so cute and come in lots of different flavours. I've now made my way through most of them and my favourite would have to be the cherry. Some of the flavours come in a pastel cube whilst others have a blinged up metallic colour. For me the worst thing in a lip balm is when you have to stick your finger in it and then apply it to your lips. Just ew. I will avoid these kind of lipbalms at all costs so for these to also be a 'whip the lid off and dab it on' kind of job, I love them! Friends have often confused these with the famous EOS lip balms and having tried both brands myself, I much prefer these beauties. I really hope they come out with lots more flavours because I would without a doubt buy them all!

If you fancy trying these for yourself they can be found at & 

Ellis x

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