Day Trip To London

Yesterday my Mum took me to London for a day out with her friend Julia and her daughter Izzy. I'd not been to London for a good few months and to get back out into the big metropolis was both immensely but extremely overwhelming. I think when you live in a fairly open country area, its such a huge contrast to step out into a bit bustling city that it almost doesn't seem real.

We started off at Selfridges where we had a lovely lunch on the rooftop Forest Cafe. Ridiculously expensive, but the food was beautiful. My personal favourite part of this restaurant was the little picnic blankets that were draped over the backs of each chair, just in case it got nippy. The canopies were open just a tad to let a breeze in and the weather couldn't have been nicer for this time of year. The only downside was the fog hadn't quite shifted but had it done, we would have been able to see the Shard and the Gherkin buildings in the distance.

After Selfridges we had a wonder around Oxford Street and I finally got to have a good rummage in the big Lush store. It was magnificent. I don't have a bath rub where I live now so I've had nearly years of no bath bombs or soap bars :( on the bright side, this forced me into trying out some other little fancies that I perhaps wouldn't normally pick up.

golden handshake, Lush, hand

The first thing I bagged was this hot hand mask called 'Good Handshake'. I thought this might do my ancient looking hands some good because recently during these cold months, they've cracked with dryness and just look like a terrible mess. This magic on a stick smells wonderful and I have very high hopes for it!

Lord Of Misrule, Lush, shower gel

I also picked up one of these dinky bottles of shower gel for James to try. It has a really fresh scent to it and since James is all into his herby concoctions, I though this would be perfect. I also got a little tin of 'Vegelene' which I have never seen before - the smell is a little bit strange…very sort of oat-y and almost off-putting but again I have high hopes for this.

vegelene, Lush

The last coupe of bits I found are without a doubt my favourite finds of the day. I got a box of the Candy Floss Showder and a little tub of the Tooth Fairy powder. They both smell very much like Snow Fairy (which is my favourite Lush smell!) and I found both of them to just be all round cute and unusual. I used the Candy Floss in the shower this morning and realised its actually an exfoliator as well as a wash product. It smelt absolutely incredible and was so much fun to try out. The powder foams up when it gets well and it has left my skin feeling wonderful. I can still smell it 5 hours later and I'm just dying to hop back into the shower for another go. Its just nice as well to be able to enjoy Lush products despite not having a bath tub to have a good soak in. The shower friendly items bring a huge smile to my chops. Another bonus to this Showder is the packaging which looks like some cute retro laundry powder. I am a huge fan!
I have yet to try the Tooth Fairy powder but it just looked so cute I had to get some to have a go with.
Candy Floss, Lush, London, Oxford Street

Tooth Fairy, Lush, Oxford Street

Lush Oxford Street, Lush, Oxford Street, London

Lush Oxford Street, Lush, Oxford Street, London

Lush Oxford Street, Lush, Oxford Street, London

We also had a wonder into Irregular Choice and Skinny Dip London - I didn't get anything from either of these shops but I fell in love with Irregular Choice's unicorn display! Pretty sure no one would have noticed me lugging it out of the shop but the thought of carrying it around London with me put me off slightly!

Irregular Choice, Carousel Horse, London, Carnaby Street, Pretty Horse

Anyhow, that is all for this post but it was such a fun day out that I thought I'd document our trip. It's always nice to look back on photos. I think with todays social media access its easy to forget sometimes that hard copies are also nice to have around the house and that its always a good idea to back up your memories this way. You never know with technology when its going to crash and loose every photo you've ever saved! Watch this space!

Ellis x

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