Liz Earle Review

It's not very often my skin looses control over itself but when it does it turns into a combination of really dry yet with a couple of reoccurring spots thrown in. In the past I have tried everything to try and calm my skin down during these episodes. It's only happened three times within the past 3 years now (and always during an especially stressful time) but when it does, my skin stings with soreness, its bright red in colour and just looks plain hideous, bless it!

I have used the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in the past at quite a young age for a slightly pricier product. My Nana got me into it at around the age of 15 but back then it wasn't something I was willing to spend my money on for replacement bottles! My Nana once again got me back into this at Christmas when she bought me another bottle and now at the age of 24, I'm well under way with trying to keep my skin looking young and healthy.

Very rarely, my skin will have a crazy little outburst of dryness and become sore and painful. The last time this happened, I tried everything I had in my house to try and calm it down and in the end, went crying to Boots begging an assistant to help me due to the haunting memory of what happened the previous time. She kindly gave me some samples of Avene, will soothed my face and calmed it down within a week. I just didn't continue to use Avene as I found it quite oily on my skin as a long term staple. 

My skin had one of these infamous tantrums a couple of weeks ago and since I knew a trip to London was coming up at the time, I decided to nip into the John Lewis store on Oxford Street to find the Liz Earle counter. I picked up some of this wonderful moisturiser and that night when I got home, gave myself a much needed facial and slapped on a tiny amount of this miracle elixir. Having sensitive skin, this is a routine thing for me - I will never ever put a whole face of moisturiser or anything else for that matter on just in case it reacts badly. This stuff however, is simply beautiful and I have continued to use the same tiny amount daily ever since. This lovely little pot of goodness will therefore keep me going for quite some time. I just love how fresh it smells and it perked my skin up big time within just a few hours. 

I'm over the moon with how well Liz Earle has worked for me. It feels clean, it smells fresh and better yet, good old Lizzie doesn't test on animals!

Let me know what you think to Liz Earle products and what your favourites are!

Ellis x

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