Kawaii Stationery

I'll use any excuse I can to buy stationery, does't matter if I have a use for it or not.
 A while ago now I made my first purchase from a little online shop called Kawaii Stationery based here in the UK and have since been back a couple of times when I've fancied a new pen or two…

This time round I treated myself to another cute little notebook, complete with adorable penguin design because lets face it, you can never have too many notebooks. These ones are super tiny but they're perfect for popping into your bag ready for when an illustration or blog post idea springs to mind. 

I also went for a couple of new pens. These ghost pens are the new loves of my life and since I couldn't decide on just one, I bought my two favourites :) I have a huge dislike for blue ink…not sure what it is about blue ink it just makes me cringe and squirm. These little ghosties are thankfully black and write beautifully. They have a lovely fine tip and they don't leak either!

Then I spotted the websites new Four Leaf Clover pencils and just had to have one. I find mechanical pencils really comfortable to draw with. Maybe its the plastic feel thats more cosy than your traditional wooden pencils but I also like that there is no sharpening involved. There's nothing worse than a crap sharpener splintering the lead all over your hands, giving you mucky fingerprints and inevitably, smudged artwork. I can't be the only one who has experienced this. I am now a proud mechanical pencil convert.

Finally I chucked a new kitty rubber into my basket (or eraser for any American readers!) because I realised I only own one rubber. What is life. How can I possibly only own one rubber. This little guy is super cute and I also love that he comes with a little sleeve to keep him clean.

If you ever find yourselves needing any stationery (or an excuse for that matter…) than I highly recommend Kawaii Stationery. I have always received outstanding customer service, purchases are always very neatly and very safely tucked into a mail box friendly case, complete with cute stickers, a handwritten note and an origami samurai kabuto!

Give them a visit :) you won't be disappointed - www.kawaiistationery.co.uk

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x


  1. lovely post! followed! I've just started up a blog again and it would mean a lot if you checked it out!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm new to blogging myself, always looking for other peoples to read :) I'll head over to yours now for a mooch! x



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