Little Hotties Review

This weekend James and I ventured off to our favourite local garden centre Gates', to replace our Peace Lilly that had out of nowhere given up on life. We also bought me a new Bonsai tree since mine gave up on me over a year ago. Gates' is the perfect place for a nice afternoon out because it has a huge range of wonderful gift and homeware, then you can collapse in a comfy seat in their newly refurbished restaurant for some lunch. 

I've had my eye on these little beauties for a while now and finally gave in to treating myself to a box. These are Little Hotties by a brand called Bomb Cosmetics who make candles and wax melts, as well as bath bombs and soaps. You can fill a box for £6.99 pick 'n' mix style from all of their gorgeous scents and away you go! I already have a wax burner but they also supply these if you don't already own one.

The range of scents that Gates' had to offer was pretty decent but after perusing the Bomb Cosmetics website, I realised just how many different scents there are to choose from! I would have especially loved the Bubblegum or the Liquorice but I couldn't get these at the garden centre, but never fear! I got some really lovely scents regardless including Sandalwood, Baby Powder, Blueberry, Cinnamon and Blackcurrent. The great thing about Little Hotties is they're nice and dinky so not only do you get loads in your little box, but you can mix the flavours together to get your own scent. I managed to fit 50 of these bad boys into my box after strategically stacking them inside so you do get quite a few for your money!

As always, I do wonder how strong or how long lasting scents will be when trying new candle or wax products and these have impressed me. Upon first melting them they didn't seem to smell too much but after leaving the room to make a cup of tea, its safe to say they give off quite a powerful aroma. I absolutely love these wax melts and would love to explore their other scents once I've used these ones up!
3 down...47 to go!

Thanks for reading...let me know if you've ever tried Little Hotties!

Ellis x

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