Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory is one of those brands that draws you in with their quirky packaging and humorous messages. Bright pink and plastered with beautiful pin-up girls, I can never resist having a look around their products when I find myself in Boots. I recently treated myself to a few things I had never tried before, having always been a fan of their Handfood handcream and the Glad Hair Day haircare range. This time I went for one of their body sprays and a couple if lip products. I've also been a long term Supercat eyeliner fan so I thought I'd add that little fellow into here also!

First up, thought I'd chat about the lipsticks. I chose one gloss and one matte just to mix things up a bit. The gloss is the peachy pink in shade Pinkfetti and the plum coloured matte is shade Berry Much. Pinkfetti didn't give my lips much colour at all, despite looking like it would leave a nice light pinky tone. I didn't notice a change in colour at all, although it did give a glossy finish perhaps a bit too sticky for my liking. The darker plum colour Berry Much was much better in terms of pigment. True to colour and with a lovely matte finish. What I especially liked about this one was that it wasn't too drying like some matte lipsticks can be. One thing both of them failed on was size. With a measly 1.5cm worth of lipstick each, I'm not overly optimistic on how long these will last. However they weren't that pricey at £3.50 a piece.

Next up I'll start raving about the Supercat eyeliner. This has been a staple piece in my makeup bag for at least 3 years now and I've only ever had to buy 2 so they do last a while. I do however only use it perhaps once or twice a week since I'm not a makeup wearer when I go to work, which is where I spend the majority of my time. Working with animals, the last thing I want to be worrying about is a smudged eyeliner wing from a slobbery dog kiss! This is the easiest to use eyeliner I've ever tried (having been a heavy eyeliner user in my teens I should know!) as the tip is very precise and almost paintbrush like. You can achieve a very neat wing with this and it isn't blotchy like I have found other liquid eyeliners to be. I hope they never discontinue this as I'm obsessed.

Finally I grabbed one of their body sprays to keep in my bag for work. This is great for a quick spritz...especially when working with animals. Its a bit more special than your standard body spray but it also means you're not chucking expensive perfume on all the time. I can also continue to smell this even 5 hours after putting it on which again you don't get with a lot of other body sprays. I went for the Original Pink scent but they have a couple of others available too.

I believe Soap and Glory is exclusive to Boots only but I will link their website along with Boots down below, or you can click on any of the pink words above and they shall take you directly to that product. I'm good like that!

Thanks for reading and also, let me know which are your favourite Soap & Glory products. Always on the look out for new bits to try!

Ellis x


  1. The body spray sounds especially powerful & long lasting! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Oh Carmen its beautiful!


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