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This month, James and I have made the decision to become more ethical about our food. Whilst we're already vegetarians and conscious consumers when it comes to bits like milk and eggs, we'd like to make that extra bit of effort and try to cut out as many animal related things as possible. Already so far we've learnt that veganism doesn't just mean not actually eating anything to do with animals, its also things like our clothes contain certain fabrics and our washing detergents contain by products.

The vegan lifestyle has also been proven to be a healthier one which is the main reason we're attempting to do this together. Already we have cut out milk and source our eggs from a friend who has rescued a load of hens. Hens are usually slaughtered once they reach so many months old as they are deemed useless in the egg popping industry and hundreds are currently being rescued in our area and given a second chance at life.

Both James and I are very passionate about animals and leaving them well alone. We also despise the idea of animals being bred for the purpose of being sold as pets or bait. We have vowed to never buy pets and if we would like some new additions to the family, we are to rescue them instead. Even our Miniature Schnauzer Custard is with us because she needed a home and we were fit to give her one. 

Vegusto kindly sent us a few food samples to try out and we thought we would share our opinions here!
We were lucky enough to have a munch on 3 different types of cheese, a pack of vegan burgers and a vegan sausage, so we made a bit of a tasting evening out of it.

First up was a cheese called the 'No-Moo, Melty'. This came packaged like a sausage in a plastic sleeve, pinched together at both ends with metal clips. This cheese was super soft and a bit like Dairylea. It had lots of flavour and it didn't take us long to associate this particular cheese with Wallace and Gromit due to its texture!

Next was the 'No-Moo, Piquant' cheese which was actually our least favourite. It had plenty of flavour to it but the texture was quite dry and a bit on the strange side.

The last of the cheeses was the 'No-Muh, Aromatic' which was very much like a really mild cheddar, if not less flavoursome. It was lovely and smooth in texture but didn't have much zazz to it so we decided we weren't overly fussed with it.

We stepped things up a notch with the burgers and sausage. These were bloody amazing and much to James' delight, full of protein. The burgers we got were the Mushroom and No Moo and these were excellent. Bursting with flavour (very much like sausage) and they had plenty of juicy moisture which I can only assume was the cheese inside. The Farmhouse Sausage was also amazing and very accurate in flavour. It was very much like a frankfurter and we decided to mix things up a bit and add some of the No-Moo, Melty cheese and my god it was good. Really quite tasty.

We're going to start being a lot more mindful about what we're picking up in supermarkets when doing our weekly shop. Usually we're pretty good anyway but we'd really like to try and cut out as many animal by products as we can. When picking up our usual snacks like crisps, we've checked for brands and flavours that actually state they're vegan on the packet. A regular favourite of ours are Tyrells crisps, so tasty.

Palm oil is another big problem which is something else we have learnt so far on our journey. The African oil palm tree which the palm fruits grow on are simply unsustainable and this equates to the animals natural habitats being destroyed. There is also a huge issue with child labour and human rights violations. 

At no point will I state that I am vegan because I am no where near but it never hurt anyone to become more mindful over their food, where it comes from and what it contains. I'm actually really excited to discover more food and with a bit of luck I'll feel a benefit! I'm also finding myself becoming a lot more educated around food and its origins…as well as improving my Geography skills!

Thanks for reading :)

Ellis x

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