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This week I teamed up with Chloe from That Lame Company and we have done a bit of a goodie swap!
I discovered Chloe on Twitter via her blog and we decided to send eachother a small bundle of eachothers products to review and feature on our blogs.
I was so excited when this came through my door yesterday morning and couldn't wait to write about whats inside! I also made my first YouTube video featuring these little treats which I was so nervous about but really chuffed at the same time! I'll leave a link to my channel down below :)

Chloe very kindly sent me a gorgeous little range of the postcard sized prints which I absolutely adore, along with a cute little post-it wad, a greeting card and a really pretty weekly planner.
I feel like the fonts used for these prints are so in right now and they work perfectly with little doodles that go alongside the quotes. I also adore that they're so simple yet very effective…I'll definitely be framing some of these for my desk and maybe even give some out as gifts, they're just so perfect.
Each of these products are ridiculously high quality; the prints have gorgeous vibrant ink and are printed onto thick card. 

I'm a huge fan of post-it notes. I'll post-it everything especially at work, even if its just to leave one of my work mates a cute message! As a pastel lover, I much these cute little 'just a lil reminder' post-its because they're not as in your face as the standard neon ones you can get pretty much anywhere. These ones make such a nice change and there is a lovely generous wad. I believe these post-its come in a pack of 3 so you definitely get your moneys worth.

I have never used a weekly planner before but started this one yesterday and I think I've been converted! There is plenty of space for each days notes and I also love the poppy design in the background. Again I love the fonts that have been used - any excuse to have quirky stationery on my desk! 

Chloe runs this beautiful little online boutique with her partner Charlie so its all very similar to what James and I do with Llama Talks. I love a good bit of team work and I think these guys clearly work very hard together. I shall link Chloe's blog and shop down below as promised, along with a link to my newly established YouTube channel.
I'm very new to the world of YouTube and any support would be much appreciated :)

 Chloes blog:
That Lame Company:

My YouTube channel:

Thankyou for reading!

Ellis x


  1. I have never used a weekly planning either. Must be one of the reasons why I am so disorganized and always forget dates... I should try ahah. All the products look lovely. Great post.

  2. Thanks guys!
    This planner is so cute…I'd definitely recommend this wonderful little online shop :)

  3. I love stationary so much! I always want to buy more but then at the same time hate using it because I feel like I'm "wasting it". Terrible cycle! All this stuff is adorable though, uff!


    1. I can totally relate Marta! Its almost unhealthy haha :'D

  4. I love stationary so much, so I was really glad to see you talking about it. Everything you've shown is so beautiful! xx

    1. This shop is absolutely beautiful :) in love with their range!


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