50 Facts About Me

I thought I would help you guys get to know me a little bit better by doing the 50 Facts About Me post - I've been wanting to do this for ages so lets go!

1. I HATE blue biros
2. I am 5 ft 1
3. My favourite colours are pink, blue and purple
4. I have 10 piercings
5. And 3 tattoos
6. Pastoral Symphony is my favourite piece of classical music (its in Fantasia!)

7. My favourite food is edamame beans
8. I'm married <3
9. My favorite drink is water
10. My birthday is 30th November 1991
11. My favourite animal is a llama
12. I LOVE unicorns
13. I'm an illustrator
14. My favourite restaurant is Wagamamas
15. Mini Choc Chip is my favourite ice cream flavour
16. I'm a vegetarian & have been since the age of 7

17. My dream holiday would be Japan
18. I'm short sighted & wear glasses when I need to
19. I have one dog named Custard
20. I started blogging Christmas 2015
21. My signature perfume is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
22. I'm a stationery addict
23. I don't smoke and I drink very rarely
24. I'm allergic to cats
25. I run an Etsy shop called Llama Talks
26. I also work full time outside of illustrating, blogging & vlogging

27. I started YouTubing June 2016
28. I love candles
29. The furthest I've ever travelled from home is New York
30. The only tea I drink is green tea
31. And I love coffee :)
32. I would love to rescue some rats one day
33. Halloween is my favourite holiday
34. I'm terrified of needles
35. I've only been to A&E twice in my life
36. I love watching How Its Made on YouTube
37. I collect crystals
38. I also collect ethically sourced taxidermy
39. I love classic fairytales and old disney films
40. I have blue eyes
41. I'm naturally blonde but forever changing into pastel colours
42. My favourite place to shop is Jack Wills and New Look
43. I have a fascination for skulls 

44. I love to bake cookies and decorate cupcakes
45. I am yet to reproduce
46. I love having clear outs and spring cleans
47. I love wrapping and giving presents
48. I'd rather stay in than go out 
49. I own a little Fiat 500 named Olaf
50. My middle name is Jade

Hope you enjoyed this post, it was a little bit different but hopefully another insight into my personality :)

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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  1. Sooo I've been lurking your blog and it is the cutest ever...I'm totally following you now. :) It seems that although we live in completely different continents, we share so much in common! I think that's pretty rad, don't you?

    Keep up the good work :)

    xo E


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