Devon - 2016

Day 1 - Paignton
Setting off bright and early, we left home for Paignton in Devon for a week away camping. I hadn’t been camping since my early teens. In fact if I remember rightly, my Dad and stepmum took my brother and I away but it didn’t last long due to very heavy rain. I can remember rushing around to get packed up pronto and that’s about it.
James and I are currently saving like mad to buy our first house together, so camping seemed like an ideal way to get away from reality for a few days without breaking the bank. A friend from work recommended we try Beverley Holidays because they were dog friendly, easy to find, clean and in a great location. We stayed at the Whitehill Park site, which was very quiet the week we went, nearly every happy camper had a dog and we weren’t all cramped together. Plenty of privacy, help offered from our caravan neighbours should we need any assistance with our tent and nearby toilet and shower facilities. We were shown to our pitch by a very chirpy gent on a little tractor and were left to it.  Putting our tent up was surprisingly straight forward (after having a practice run through at home!) so we had it up in no time and were able to get a good couple of hours kip after the long drive down. It took us 4 hours so not majorly lengthy but we did the whole drive without stopping so we were very tired. The hayfever also flared up for the both of us so we were glad to see our blow up bed in the sanctuary of our bedroom compartment after messing about with the tent on the freshly cut grass. We fetched a chinese take away for dinner which was absolutely disgusting but convenient at the time, then settled down to watch an anime film called Wolf Children.

Day 2 - Brixham
I’d like to be able to say we woke up fresh and ready to go the next day but truth be told, we had a rough nights sleep and both felt like complete and utter poo. We visited a little seaside town called Brixham, which was very touristy with its pirate ship and actors wondering around winding people up. We grabbed a pasty for lunch and had a mooch around. There wasn’t an awful lot to do in Brixham so we decided to head off after an hour and it’s a good job we did because the heavens opened and didn’t stop until the end of Day 3. On the way back to the campsite, we decided to purchase another sleeping bag after our terrible nights sleep so I had the pleasure of snuggling into a lovely new squishy bag and James kept the double one to himself. We finished the day with a few card games and cooking dinner on our little camping stoves which actually went really well. Not that you can go wrong with veggie sausages, eggs and beans but we were proud of ourselves regardless.

Day 3 - Torquay
On day 3 we visited Torquay, which was about 20 minutes away from Paignton. We noticed the people of Devon are quite fond of one-way systems so finding somewhere to park was quite easy. I think we expected to spend a bit of time walking along the beach but from the minute we woke up, it was rinsing it down with rain and it took us a while to muster up the motivation to leave the tent and do something.  Torquay wasn’t too far away and we ventured out into the miserable weather to see if there was anything to do.  We wondered down the Torquay highstreet nipping in and out of shops - James spotted a cute little crystal shop and dove in for a rummage. He came out a few minutes later looking very suspicious having treated us both to a little crystal each for our collection at home. On the way back we tried to locate a beach to explore and the best we could find was Goodrington Sands. The tide was in and it wasn’t the prettiest beach in the world but we thought eff it and parked up anyway. We hopped down onto some rocks and instantly Custard hated us for it. I’d never known a dog to despise beaches until I homed Custard. Either she’s too posh for that nonsense or she’s terrified of water but she gave us such a dirty disapproving look and we couldn’t help but find her hilarious. James skimmed some pebbles whilst I rambled around in some rock pools and eventually I dropped my iPhone in the sea. I fished it out rapido and to my amazement it still works as good as ever. Nothing a bit of salt water can’t fix!
When we returned to our tent we were delighted to see that everything had remained waterproof despite it chucking it down all day. Happy days! We then played a few games of Boggle, cooked another dinner on our camping stoves and tucked up for the evening to watch 28 Days Later. James’ choice of film – not mine. The arsehole.

Day 4 – Berry Head
On Thursday we went to what we thought would be a town called Berry Head. Turns out its pretty much in Brixham which we visited on Tuesday, but we pulled up in a little car park and found some steps down to a rocky bit of beach. The weather was much nicer today so we took the opportunity to go rock pooling, something I have adored doing since I was a toddler. There’s something about the salty sea air and rambling around looking for wildlife that makes me feel so nostalgic and fuzzy. When my parents were together, we visited Cornwall often and rock pooling was one of our favourite things to do. My Dad would always encourage us to be very gentle with whatever we found and a favourite creature of mine were the crabs. We found a couple of little crabs in the rock pools here and saved a shrimp from sizzling in the sun, bless him.

Day 5 - Totnes
On our last day we decided to mooch inland rather than along the coast and stopped off in a quaint little town called Totnes. We loved it here the second we saw it – the town was full of little vegetarian and vegan cafes, colourful hippie shops, art galleries and cute little independent boutiques. We found a little supermarket called GreenLife where we were able to grab a few Pukka Teas we hadn’t tried before. James purchased a tattoo print vest from a chatty bloke who owned a stall on the market selling all sorts of quirky clothing and we also got a little sniffing pot full of Jasmine and other natural remedies to help with the hayfever. On our way back to the car we stopped off at a little veggie friendly restaurant called Fat Lemons and had a lovely vegan toastie with soup along with a yummy healthy vegan smoothie each. This was possibly our favourite day of all and loved everything about this town. James has decided he wants to live here…

I also picked up some Roly’s Fudge for James’s parents as a little thankyou for letting us borrow all of their camping equipment. We didn’t really have to buy anything other than food for this trip (and the extra sleeping bag!) so it really has been a really inexpensive holiday and Custard has enjoyed herself too.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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