Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil Review

I recently had the opportunity to review some Jojoba Oil by Eden's Semilla and since I have never tried anything like this before, I jumped at the chance. This stuff is supposed to work miracles on your skin and hair and I was so excited to give it a go.
I'm also typing all of this out with one finger due to an injury in my right hand…thats dedication to blogging if ever I saw it!

I suffer from dry hands all the time and this stuff has been more successful with banishing the dryness than many hand creams and moisturisers I've tried in the past. You also really don't need much of it, a tiny drop goes a long way so the bottle will last you ages. This 60ml bottle is much bigger than I expected it to be so its great value for money at £10.95 (currently on Amazon UK).
What I love about this packaging is it promotes the natural look and feel of the brand but its also simple and clean looking. The bottle itself comes with a standard cap on the top but they also include a pipette cap too which I love because it makes me feel like a scientist! This is also great for easy and no-mess application, especially for the hair.

This product also has a very pleasant and natural smell to it which I was very surprised with as some natural oils can smell quite funky. The jojoba oil smells ever so slightly of apples so I really like it. However if you're not a fan of scents, its still very subtle. 
I've also been using the oil on my hair, doing exactly the same as I would with argan oil and using a tiny bit to smooth onto the ends and leaving it in. It doesn't make the hair look greasy (as long as you use a tiny drop!) and it also gives it a lovely shine and it feels healthier too.
I'm overall very pleased with this product and I'm loving the results I've had with my skin, nails and hair. Its always nice to see what natural products can do for our bodies and I'm totally won over with the wonderful properties of Jojoba Oil and its benefits to our skin.

Eden's Semilla also do a few more natural oil products which I'm intrigued by and they're also bringing out a brand new range of essential oils next week which I'm very excited for!

If you are interested in trying Eden's Semilla products yourself, you can find them at:

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Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

* Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil was gifted to me to review on my blog and on Amazon UK

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