Nutribuddy Review & Results

 Today is my last day of trialing out Nutribuddy and I'm so very pleased with the results that I couldn't not share it. Over the past two weeks, I have cut out the majority of my usual unhealthy snacks such as biscuits, chocolate, sweets and crisps. I'm pretty good with crisps anyway - I'll always go for something like Quavers or French Fries because there isn't much to them, but I would say I at least halved my usual intake of crisps and swapped unhealthy options for fruit or better yet, my Nutribuddy chocolate shake.

The chocolate shakes are without a doubt my favourite thing about this brand. I would love to try the vanilla flavour just because the chocolate was so bloody good. The taste itself funnily enough reminded me very much of a MacDonalds milkshake, just without the gloopy texture. I experimented with my shakes using 3 different liquids to add to the powder. The water I wasn't a fan of, it was better than most shakes I've ever tried but it was much nicer with soya milk (as I don't drink cows milk anymore!). Then I pushed the boat out and added chocolate soya milk just for further chocolatey nom noms and it was by far my favourite. I also found it to be much more filling and kept my cravings well at bay.

I spent a week of my course on a break in Devon in a tent camping, so food was a bit tricky whilst away but to have achieved a result even because of this, I'm very pleased. I sacrificed many pasties and cakes down in Devon and I actually don't regret that one bit. I took my shakes with me and replaced my lunches with these whilst James had some actual food. I didn't feel hungry and after a couple of days I got used to it. I planned on doing more exercise than I actually managed but the hay fever was nearly unbearable whilst camping and it flared up my asthma for the first time in 5 years so I didn't want to push myself too much. I did some burpies and squats in the tent and when I arrived home, I started to do gentle jogging around the park. Exercise is something that frightens me a bit still after an accident I had with my leg last year which I'm still suffering with, so I always take it steady. Had I been a bit more active and brave around exercising though, I believe I could have lost plenty more weight.

I also really liked the Hunger Fix tablets which I was given as well by Nutribuddy. I didn't expect these to have much of an effect but honestly they stopped me from feeling hungry and I felt satisfied when I had taken them. There was an option to take 1 or 2 tablets three times a day - I stuck to just 1 because I worked out that 2 a day for two weeks wouldn't last me. However 1 was enough for me and taken with a glass of water, cravings soon disappeared and the effect lasted a few hours. Another thing which I feel is a huge bonus is there are no nasty side effects with these products, unlike some weight loss shakes and teas you can get. 

So here are my results! When I started with Nutribuddy, I weighed 9 stone and 8 pounds. After using the products for exactly 2 weeks, I am now bang on 9 stone. I still have a few pounds I would like to shift but overall I am so happy that Nutribuddy were able to kick start my journey and give me clear results which has motivated me to continue with the shakes and build up on my exercise.
If you are interested in trying Nutribuddy for yourself, I will pop all of the links down below. Let me know what you think or whether you've tried Nutribuddy and if you haven't, would you consider giving it a go? 

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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