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This month, I splurged a tiny bit on the Superdrug website and treated myself to a few top up products as well as some pampering essentials. I do this every so often because it seems to help me feel like I'm taking care of my body…perhaps its all psychological but it certainly helps with the motivation and I feel great afterwards too!

I stocked up on some more Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner after my Moroccan Shine bottles ran out. This time I went for the Bee Strong range to go with my hair mask that I've been using for the past couple of weeks. As always, Herbal Essences never let you down when it comes to the scent and this range smells truly beautiful. I love how it feels on the hair and it gives my dry ends a good seeing to. Superdrug also threw in a Dry Shampoo freebie which I'm absolutely in love with. It smells quite minty yet tropical which is a wonderful combination believe it or not. Thankyou Superdrug!

I also got another bottle of the Rimmel Matte BB Cream in shade 'Light' because I had run out of this and was having to mix foundation with a moisturiser just for a pick me up on my work days. I was actually very shocked to see the majority of the reviews on the Superdrug website slating this particular BB cream stating that it made their face dry, had rubbish coverage and was also miles off from their skin tone. I however have always been really impressed with this BB cream and have continued to use it for around 3 years now. I wear Mac foundation when I'm going out or want to make a bit of effort, but for everyday wear, especially when working with animals, I think this stuff does the job and I've always been very pleased with it. 

Now onto Zoella. As I said in my YouTube video, I was excited to try the new Zoella products after seeing them raved about here there and everywhere but couldn't help but be a bit skeptical after I wasn't too keen on the first range. I picked up a couple of products from the Tutti Fruity range and the body cream from her new Sweet Inspirations collection. Oh wow. These are fantastic. I've actually been beating myself up for not giving these a try sooner because they smell bloody amazing. I went for the Scrubbing Me Softly body scrub, the Candy Cream body lotion and the Double Creme body lotion. The scrub has plenty of grittiness to it so leaves your skin feeling wonderfully smooth and smelling beautiful. These products feel fresh, fun and so sweet! 

I picked up one of these blushers after seeing the brand in various YouTube videos and decided to give one a whirl. I believe this is the lightest least it was on the Superdrug website and I am so in love with this little gem, I simply can't understand why I haven't bought one before now. This particular blush is in the shade Iced Hearts and comes with 3 different shades which I have found are perfect to use as a highlighter too! The pigment is gorgeous and shimmery, it makes me feel like a princess!

I also grabbed a few things from MUA because its dirt cheap and great for when you want to experiment and mess about with makeup. I got a concealer to try, a new lipstick in shade Lilac Belle and a couple of different shades of blusher that I wouldn't normally go for. This brand really is perfect for giving new colours a try and they're always my go to when I need crazy lipstick shades for my halloween makeup jobs which I inevitably get asked to do every year. Never thought I'd own a yellow lipstick but MUA does them all!

Anyway that is all for my Superdrug rhyme intended! I bought plenty more bits like cotton wool balls and talcum powder (yes, I love talcum powder) but thought I'd show you my favourite purchases of the lot. You can also watch my YouTube video which I will pop down below!

Thankyou as always for reading.
Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these or what your favourite go to product is...I would love to know!

Ellis x

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