Comvita Medihoney Skincare Range

I'm a huge fan of body butters and moisturisers, I must have 5 different tubs on the go right now not to mention my stash of bottled creams. Sometimes though, our skin can require something a little more 'specialised' and being a bit of an eczema sufferer, my skin often needs a good seeing to by something a bit better than your standard body lotions.

Comvita got in touch to see if I would like to try their new Medihoney skincare range which contains Manuka Honey and rich plant butters. Honestly these guys couldn't have entered my life at a better moment - if you've been following my blog for a few weeks you may have seen that I recently had surgery on my hand to repair a tendon that broke after a nasty washing up accident. I have since had my stitches out and I'm now able to bathe my hand and give it a good clean every day. I tell you, three weeks of not being able to wash your hand makes you rethink your personal hygiene standards and also my hand along with my wrist and fingers were drying up like a baron wasteland.

My first impressions of this brand were that the packaging was lovely and simple, it had that smooth matte finish that I love and it was also a generous size. The creams themselves also do actually smell like honey which I'm a huge fan of and I couldn't wait to start slapping some on.

To give you a bit of a background, my hands are always dry. No matter how much cream I apply, they're always prone to cracking and sometimes getting very sore. I've also had a really nasty consistent rash on my index finger which I haven't been able to shift for weeks, perhaps even months…you loose track after a while! After being allowed my bandages off and my stitches out, my right hand looked worse than ever so I decided to see what this cream could really do.

No word of a lie, this cream is a miracle worker. I used the Skintensive Cream on my hands and within the first two applications, my hands were noticeably smoother and in a much better condition. I adopted this cream as my four times a day massage cream for my hand which I've had to do as part of my physio exercises and I'm so pleased with the results. Its kept my skin soft and nourished and to my astonishment, its also cleared up the rash I had on my finger. Even my scar has smoothed out no end and its a very pleasant cream to use as well with its honey scent.

I was also sent a bottle of the Wound Gel which I tried alongside the Skintensive Cream and this was a much thicker consistency which formed a barrier over the affected area rather than soak straight into the skin. Again it smelt a lot like honey and with its deep golden colour the gel looked like it too! The Wound Gel is also antibacterial and can be used on burns, cuts, grazes and to help clear up bad cases of eczema.

I have popped the following links down below so you can check out the range :)

Skintensive Cream - £8.99 
Wound Gel - £16.99

Overall I am thrilled to bits with the results I have had from these two products and I'm impressed with the range the brand has to offer. Their lip balm sounds delish and I would love to try it sometime! I'm going to continue to use my bottle of Medihoney Skintensive especially on my bad hand because its worked wonders for my scar and kept my fingers moisturised which is where I usually suffer the most. As for the Wound Gel, what a great addition to the first aid cupboard! I love feeling organised and prepared so this will definitely be staying with my other medicines.

Thankyou for reading!

Ellis x

*These items were gifted to me to review for my blog by Comvita

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