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This week I had the opportunity to explore something completely different to my usual stuff and it was to try out and review a pair of the Freshlook Colour Contact Lenses from I was super excited for this and I was allowed to pick my colour along with my prescription and before I knew it, my parcel was on my doorstep!

I have around five years of experience with wearing contacts but I've never tried colours, simply because it can be difficult to find prescription colours and also, I've always been weary of buying contacts from a brand I'm not familiar with. For example, I wouldn't go ordering any old ones off eBay because after all, these are going over your eyes and they need to be safe. Theres not a cat in hells chance I would buy contacts from a Halloween store or fancy dress shop because I want to know exactly what I'm sticking over my retinas. sent me a pair of coloured contacts to try and also very kindly added a bottle of Renu Multi Purpose Solution which can be used to clean the lenses and also as a storage solution whilst they're in their container and not being worn, which I found to be really gentle on my eyes. The last thing in my parcel were the contact lens containers.

My first impressions of this company and its products were that the parcel arrived super quickly and undamaged, the box was wrapped up very neatly and everything inside had remained in a perfect condition from when it all left the warehouse. Sometimes I can get a bit miffed if a box arrives scuffed or 'kicked in' because it goes to show how careless some delivery folk can be, but this little box arrived on time and in a wonderful condition.

Despite being a contact lens wearer already, I read and re-read the instructions and care sheet provided by the company to double check I was doing everything correctly. This was all really easy to understand and they also made it very clear that if the lenses hurt, made your eyes red and sore or made your vision blurry, to not wear them.

I popped mine in and was instantly impressed with the colour. I went for the violet lenses because they were the only unnatural colour available and I wanted something a little bit different. Although the lenses themselves don't appear to be overly powerful in colour, when placed over my already blue eyes I think this base really bought out the shade and they looked awesome.
I was absolutely gutted that as soon as I had my lenses in, they didn't feel right and were moving around every time I blinked. The hole for your pupil also didn't sit right over mine so my vision was slightly blurred. It wasn't uncomfortable, annoying more than anything but this is something that was personal to me over anything the brand or the lenses had done. I stuck the wear out for half an hour and they seemed to settle ever so slightly but still moved around a lot and I had to take them out. This is something I have noticed with contact lenses regardless of experience or brand, not every lens will suit every wearer and sometimes we're just not a suitable match.

Despite the lenses not fitting me properly, my experience with was flawless and I couldn't recommend them enough. They have such a wide range of products and these particular lenses that I tried come in blue, green, grey, hazel, sapphire blue and violet. I also noticed that although I had violet lenses in, they appeared very natural and it wouldn't have looked odd to someone else looking at you.

You can try the coloured lenses for yourself here and they're currently on offer for £15 a pair (usually £18.25).

Let me know if you have ever tried coloured contacts...I was absolutely gutted my eyes didn't take to these but the company were so helpful and friendly to work with, I'm very glad I got the opportunity to try a pair for myself.

Thanks for reading!


*Freshlook Colours were gifted to me by to try and review on my blog

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