July Favourites

I'm raving about lots of different things for July and I'm so excited to share them with you so I won't ramble on any more, lets go!

I've been watching Gabriella Lindley aka VelvetGh0st for a while now and I'm currently loving her more than ever. What I especially admire about her content is how personal and realistic her videos are and they make you feel like you're actually spending a part of your day with her. She documents everything and anything ranging from baking to taking you along for her boob job journey and above all she's very entertaining and down to earth. Gab often inspires me to think of things I could do for my own channel which is in its very early days but I feel extremely motivated after my dose of VelvetGh0st - love her!

New Notebooks from Llama Talks
Nothing like a bit of shameless self-promoting for a monthly favourites! I've really been excited this month for the new notebooks for my Etsy shop Llama Talks. I only have the two designs at the moment, simply because I didn't know what the quality of them would be like, whether they'd work or not or whether I'd even like them as much as I had envisioned. These little cuties are A6 in size with 48 lined pages and you can grab one for yourself here.

Nyx Butter Gloss - Fortune Cookie
I was wondering around Boots in Leicester with my best friend Sophie and somehow managed to walk straight past a brand new Nyx display and Sophie pointed it out to me. After getting a bit giddy as I'd never found a Nyx counter before, I had a rummage and bought myself a new mascara and lipgloss. I've had a couple of the Nyx Butter Gloss' before and this time went for a nude in shade Fortune Cookie. What I love about these glosses is they come in lots of different colours, have great coverage and are long lasting as well as moisturising.

This month I had the pleasure of becoming a Coconut Queen for one of my new favourite brands Coconut Lane. This is a brand you should definitely check out if you love quirky homewares and pretty jewellery pieces. They also do a gorgeous range of notebooks, art prints and cases for your phones and laptops. 
I bought myself two dainty necklaces after realising I don't actually own much neck candy and I'm chuffed to bits with them. I went for a cute little wishbone charm necklace and of course, their origami style silver unicorn. You can grab yourself a cheeky 20% off your order with my special code ELLIS20...what a treat!

Scrublove Coffee Body Scrub
I caved and bought myself some of this much raved about body scrub by Scrublove. I've seen this promoted all over Instagram and instantly fell in love with their cute polkadot packaging and attempted to resist temptation. Evidently, I failed and I regret nothing.
My first impressions were that it was quite rough - nothing like your usual body scrubs. This stuff means business and at first I was very cautious around how much pressure to apply. After my first go I gained some courage and absolutely went for it and my skin was beautifully smooth and surprisingly hydrated afterwards. James has even been using it as its a unisex scent and he's also been really enjoying it. You don't need much of the scrub and you only need to use it a couple of times a week so the pouch is bound to last you ages. I recommend scooping your desired amount of scrub into a little dish and taking that into the shower with you rather than the whole pouch. 

This book is the sequel to the huge hit novel Me Before You which if you haven't read, where the hell have you been and what are you playing at?! I won't spoil it too much but this sequel carries on for the main character Louisa and her life after Will. Jojo Moyes is now one of my favourite authors, I love her style of writing and no one has been able to captivate me so well since JK Rowling and the Harry Potter series. I took one of her short stories Paris For One with me whilst camping last month and wow, that was another great read. It left me wanting more as the story was so short and sweet but well worth it. I haven't finished After You yet but so far I'm loving it and Jojo has succeeded in getting me back into reading after months of having no interest. I can't wait to read her other books!

Absolutely Fabulous - Netflix
So after seeing the trailer for Ab Fab that has recently been released, I hopped onto Netflix to watch the original series to see for myself what all the hype was about. I remember my Mum watching this when I was little and of course being a child I never understood its humour. I can honestly say I'm so in love with Edina & Patsy, how I've gone for so long without them in my life is a mystery to all but they're so funny and enjoyable characters I haven't stopped watching it yet. I would like to finish the whole series before watching the movie but I'm so excited to see it - I think it'll be one of those things once its finished that'll make me feel lost with the world. 

Oreos - Double Stuff
Finally, I couldn't not add in my current favourite naughty snack and they are the Double Stuff Oreos. These are so sweet and filling that I only need one to feel like I've had my sugar fix so I end up eating less than if I'd had the regular Oreos. Not entirely sure how that works out fat or calorie wise, but they're much tastier regardless and they've often been making their own way into my shopping trolley each week. Oops!

So there we go, another monthly favourites done and dusted! They come around far too quickly but I'm enjoying writing about my favourite products so much.
Let me know if you've tried any of these!

Thanks for reading :)

Ellis x


  1. I love this post and the fact that you cover so many different things. GABS is absolutely hilarious and I love watching her ! I am yet to go to a NYX counter but I cannot wait to go soon! Also.. I am a coconut queen and I LOVE CL.. The brand is amazing! Loved this post !
    www.throughtheglitterglass.wordpress.com xx

    1. Thankyou Saira :) sounds like we love lots of the same things!
      Heading over to your blog now, its been too long :D
      Ellis x


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