The Little Melt Company - An Etsy Shop

With the colder months fast approaching, I get more excited than usual for candles and wax melts and making the home all snug and cosy. Once again I spotted a little Etsy shop whilst scrolling through Instagram and decided to place myself a little order to stock up on sweet smelling goodies to enter Autumn with.
The shop is The Little Melt Company and they hand make a range of super cute and also unusual smelling wax melts at great prices too. I grabbed a selection and with Halloween just around the corner, one of my top picks was the Pumpkin Spiced tart melt. 
When I say unusual, this shop sells wax melts with scents like Blue Slush which unfortunately was out of stock during my online visit but I will be returning to sample this glorious flavour as soon as its returned! 

Some of the tarts come in a paper bag (these are the funky shaped tarts), some come in a little plastic container each and these are the 'pod' melts and you can also buy minis which come in little packs of 5 which are also shaped like adorable hearts and are perfect for mixing scents or for when you don't fancy using a full sized melt. I got a range of everything and I'm very impressed with the strengths of each scent and how long they last. One of my favourites things about each of the full sized melts is they're strong enough and also big enough to snap in half and just use a piece of it rather than the whole thing. It makes them last longer and I find the scent is still as powerful.

I went for a Cherry Explosion, Bewitched, Apple Berrylicious, Cuddles, Candy Apple and Tangerine Mojito in the pod melts. I grabbed two of the loose 'funky shaped' melts in Pumpkin Spice and Sugar Fluff and the Fizzy Cola Bottles* pack of 5 mini melts. They all smell absolutely amazing and seriously, I don't need to burn these to be able to smell them. Its like when you buy bath bombs from Lush and they stink out your entire bathroom…these do the same! They smell incredible!

The little plastic containers the pod melts come in are perfect for keeping the melts fresh and also stop them from getting scraped or leaving a waxy residue where ever you might be keeping them. They also stack very nicely which I thought was cute! I'm really impressed with the quality of the scent for each of the melts I picked up and this shop has definitely been favourited on my Etsy account ready for returning for Christmas gifts!

Let me know in the comments if your a candle or a wax melt kind of person…or like the best of both worlds! I'd love to know :)

Thanks for reading!
Ellis x

Aurora Fawn - An Etsy Shop

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and my friend Rose had posted a photo of her little baby wearing the most beautiful Maleficent crown I have ever seen. I immediately had to check this little shop out and fell so in love I had to order myself my own crown. 

Aurora Fawn is owned by Holly who hand makes everything herself and her pieces range from unicorn crowns, deer antlers, mermaids…you name it! The whole Etsy shop has such a magical feel to it and I couldn't wait to start collecting together ideas for my custom made crown. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love unicorns and although my obsession may be slightly unhealthy, there are worse things to be addicted to!

I struggled so much with picking colours but told Holly I'd like a baby blue and a lilac theme with a white glitter horn and ears. Then I left her to it! I honestly could't be more impressed with my custom made unicorn crown and Holly got everything that I had in mind spot on. The colours are beautiful and the handmade polymer clay unicorn horn is flawless. There are also some gorgeous little glass diamantes speckled across the flowers for added sparkle and a cute little piece of lavender hidden away amongst the rest of the colours. 

Aurora Fawn is very reasonably priced and my custom crown cost me £19 plus postage and packaging, but it also depends what you have on your crown, how big it is and any extras you may like. The waiting time was also just over a week which I think isn't bad at all for something that is custom made and Holly does have items in her Etsy shop ready to ship straight away. I would absolutely love to grab myself one of the Autumnal Fawn crowns next, they're super cute and stunning. For now though, I'm going to spend the next few weeks prancing around the house in my unicorn crown. I'm so in love!

I've also made a YouTube video of my first impressions and overall thoughts on Aurora Fawn which I have linked below :)

You can find Holly's shop here if you fancy having a mooch through Aurora Fawn and let me know what you think! I'm also thinking of starting a little series of reviewing and supporting Etsy shops ready for the festive season which is scarily fast approaching so if you have any in mind feel free to link them in the comments!
Thankyou for reading :)

Ellis x

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