August Favourites

Its that time again! I've not been getting out much this month or exploring new things but I've pulled together a few bits and pieces that have been making me smile over August.

Once Upon A Time (Netflix)
I've spent a lot of time at home these past couple of weeks (you can see my surgery post here) and I thought there was no better time to restart Once Upon A Time ready for the new season in September. I have seen all five seasons already but couldn't really remember the last one so I restarted the whole thing and have fallen completely in love again. I wish Jefferson could have been in more episodes, I'm a huge fan of Sebastian Stan who plays him and I also have a lady crush on Regina, she's so perfect! Right now, the rest of the villains are in Storybrooke (I won't say too much in case it spoils anything for anyone who hasn't yet seen it!) but I LOVE Cruella!

My Eyebrows
For as long as I remember, I've hated my eyebrows! This past month however, in fact since I injured my hand, I decided since I wouldn't be leaving the house much, I would attempt to grow them and give them a better shape. I've been a victim of over plucking for a good ten years at least and although my brows weren't too thin, being fair made them look tinier anyway. I've always had arch envy so the fact my own are well on their way to having a decent shape, I feel loads more confident when it comes to filling them in and its made me feel great about myself too.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter
On top of eyebrows, I've been getting on the highlighter hype with every other makeup lover and I've been loving the Peach Lights shade by Makeup Revolution. This is a wonderful pink shimmer and it looks beautiful on pale skin. I can only imagine how it looks on darker tones, bloody beautiful I bet! These highlighters are so inexpensive as is the rest of Makeup Revolution and their is plenty of product provided at a steal of £3.

Llama Talks Customers
This sounds like a funny one but honestly, I've been really appreciating the support thats been flying our way for Llama Talks and each order brings a huge smile to my face. Having a little outlet for my illustration work is so exciting and the fact people support it means the world.

ASMR YouTube Videos
For anyone who doesn't know what ASMR is, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and its when you get a lovely tingly sensation around your head, neck, down your back or anywhere else your body responds! It sounds weird as hell and some of the content out there can be a little creepy, but I encourage you to give it a go if you haven't tried already. 
Tony Bomboni is one of my favourite ASMRers and I'm completely in love with his sass and hilarious lines.
AlbInWisperland's Pokemon video is my current favourite and I love how much effort went into making this video. I'm also loving Lara's Harley Quinn video pretending to treat you as the Joker and Lara's Harley impression is spot on! ASMR is known to help people to relax and sleep easier which is why I watch it so much. I discovered ASMR when I was researching on YouTube how to make coasters and clicked on a video that freaked me out slightly because it was a whispered, slow speaking, slow movement video and I couldn't help but explore it further.

So that is all for my August favourites, a bit of a variety despite it only being a few things but I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading :)

Ellis x


  1. I have that Makeup Revolution highlighter as well and OMG I love it! Hope you have a great weekend

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I'm definitely after the rest of the colours now :D
      You too Candice! x


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