Being Content With What You Have

This week has been very bizarre and also a huge eye opener in the Woolley household and although I made a quick YouTube video venting on the crap that this week decided to throw at me, I finally feel more content and at peace than I have in a long time.

A couple of days after my tendon repair surgery, James and I went to view a house. We were looking to buy and found somewhere really quickly that we fell in love with and decided to view a second time. We put an offer in, it got accepted, and the ball started rolling. For the past 5-6 weeks I've been calling estate agents, solicitors, our mortgage advisor and all the other scary people that come with buying a property and then we had the homebuyers report and didn't really expect much to go wrong. There were a few big things that needed sorting and we decided to pull out of buying the house and stay where we are a little longer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with where we live, space is just a tiny issue but you know what, we have a roof over our heads and we're happy.

We had already bought a couple of new throws and cushions for the new place (we got excited!) and decided why not have them out in our current flat and freshen things up a bit. Our place is crazy quirky anyway but its amazing what a new blanket and some fluffy cushions can do for comfort points! 

Yesterday we went out to Thurmaston to grab our first Pumpkin Spiced Lattes of the year and as soon as I tasted the first sip, I felt so content and relaxed with the world. We binged on these drinks whilst in Disneyland Paris for Halloween in 2014 and they take us right back to the carefree magic of Main Street USA and I think this plays a huge part in why PSL's make me so warm and fuzzy inside. I also picked up one of the new reusable Starbucks coffee cups which are only a £1 - lets help reduce paper!

Today I'm sat here looking around our little flat feeling much more at ease and satisfied with what we have achieved together. The past few weeks have made me feel like I need to escape this flat and I've been blaming it for my mental health issues for the past few months and have lost sight of what it actually means to me. This flat is my temple, my safe zone and my home. Our neighbours are lovely, Custard is happy and we all have each other. We've decided to chill out with regards to buying a house and just enjoy the carefree side of renting. Our Landlord is also the nicest bloke in the entire world and we're very lucky to have him. 

Perhaps its also the time of year making me feel happier - Autumn is my favourite season and its finally time to start wrapping up warm and cosy, lighting the fire and snuggling up. But either way, the fall through of buying a house has done me the world of good and I never thought it would. I also realise now there is no need to keep things a secret as I was so careful not to mention any of the house stuff on my blog or YouTube channel but you know what, its life and experiences. I shouldn't be so worried about 'jinxing' things or looking like a fool if something doesn't work out. My blog is to document things after all and I feel more laid back now than ever. 

Thankyou for reading :)

Ellis x

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