Eden's Semilla Essential Oils Range Review

I have once again been given the opportunity to work alongside Eden's Semilla to share and review with you their brand new range of essential oils and golly, there's loads to choose from so I'll get cracking!

Their new ranges come either as a ready made set of 4, or you can do a pick and mix style selection of 4 and still receive the sturdy presentation box. There are three different sets of the already boxed up oils to choose from and each box retails at £7.50 so it is slightly cheaper to do it this way, however you can't choose your oils. 

The sets available are:
Set 1: Tea Tree, Lemon Grass, Rosemary, Frankincense
Set 2: Pine Tree, Lavender, Bergamot, Cinnamon
Set 3: Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood and Peppermint 

I was sent two pre packed boxes and also a selection of the individual pick and mix style bottles to try out. These oils can be added to a carrier oil which will dilute it and make it safe to use for massages and aromatherapy. You can also add a few drops to a bath for a relaxing soak or a vaporiser.

I gave all of my bottles the scent test and left a good few minutes in between to clear my airways and give a good honest opinion of each oil so I'll tell you all about them now. 

This was a very familiar scent and I realised it reminded me of fresh, clean smelling homes and possibly of furniture polish, but I loved it regardless and I also noticed it had subtle orangey notes in there too which I really liked.

My Nana used to buy me this to help me sleep when I was a child. Between the ages of 9 and 18 I struggled to sleep and lavender always helped me to relax and drift off easier when I had a couple of drops on my pillow. This scent took me back and I love it, especially in a carrier oil and applying it over my skin before bed time. I bet its beautiful in the bath too!

I'm also a big lover of cinnamon and this scent was just like home baking with a hint of Christmas thrown in. Its very sweet and powerful.

Pine Tree
This was the scent I could detect even before I opened my parcel. It hadn't leaked but I could still smell the unmistakable hint of pine and decided I wasn't a fan. However, I was determined to get my head around what it reminded me of and funnily enough, it smells like really strong Wine Gums! When its diluted I actually love the smell because its so fun and sweet, but neat from the bottle was a bit overpowering for me so I'm glad I tried it diluted.

Tea Tree
Your typical go to product for cleansing and healing the skin, this oil reminds me of those tea tree spot wands and I actually quite like it. The benefits for tea tree are endless, its truly one of natures finest.

Probably my least favourite of them all, this oil reminded me of rum. Bacardi to be precise and it was very strong and slightly hangover worthy. Once diluted it was fine but I think I've had enough rum in my time to not get that association out of my brain! Rum is my favourite spirit but I'm not a fan of using a similar scent on my skin. Jack Sparrow would adore this one!

Lemon Grass
Exactly what it says on the bottle - a bit grassy, very lemony. Its a very strong citrus scent with hints of grassiness in the background and personally I wasn't too keen on this but I know thats only down to the fact I'm not too fussed when it comes to citrus smells. 

Very similar to lavender, its very floral and herby yet nicely subtle and sweet. I found this to be the friendliest scent as it wasn't too in your face and again like the lavender, had relaxing and calming effects.

Nothing like a good old sniff of peppermint to clear those airways! It just so happens I woke up the morning of trying these oils with a horrible bunged up nose and this oil worked wonders for instantly easing my breathing which I was very impressed with and grateful for!

Sweet Orange
Probably my favourite, sweet, not too strong, very fruity and fresh. This was the one I was expecting to dislike the most so I'm very pleased it changed my mind instantly after smelling it.

Very manly smell, like cologne with a deep musky scent. James loved this one and will probably use it more than me. This scent is often a first choice for candles if we buy them, I love more natural scents and this is always a go to for us.

Similar to tea tree, smells very clean, fresh and its powerful scent certainly clears the airways. 

I had loads of fun testing these essential oils and loved the variety of different scents the brand have to offer. I have popped the following links below for you to check out the Eden's Semilla Amazon listings for yourself...
Pick n Mix

Thankyou so much for reading and have a lovely weekend!

Ellis x

*These products were gifted to me by Eden's Semilla to test and review for my blog.


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