My Mew Tattoo

I decided to treat myself this week to another tattoo and I managed to grab a cancellation slot at my favourite tattoo shop Wet Paint Collective in my local town with Liam.

Liam has done my previous two tattoos and I've always been really looked after, I feel comfortable and the rest of the staff are super friendly and chatty. Mew has always been my favourite Pokemon so I decided to get the little guy tattooed on my ankle and I'm thrilled to bits with it! The colours are gorgeous and the line work is so neat and tidy, I couldn't be happier how this one turned out.

I would say this was my second most painful tattoo, the first being my little cheshire cat on my wrist but it wasn't unbearable. The whole thing took around half an hour so it wasn't that long and I really enjoyed watching the whole process…it still fascinates me how tattoos work!

Anyway I won't babble on too much but I thought I'd just share Mew on my blog for you guys to see - let me know what you think and whether you have any tattoos :)

Thanks for reading,

Ellis x


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