New Blogger Piss Takes

I am fast approaching my blogs one year anniversary and in the ten months I have been exploring the world of blogging, I have noticed a few of what I will call 'piss takes' amongst the perks. I'll be completely honest here, when I first started out I didn't really have a clue what I was doing and the thought of getting freebies in the post to review seemed like a right treat. I applied for assignments using blogger database websites and still occasionally do now, but the difference now is that I will only apply for assignments that fit in with my content. To begin with, I needed something, anything to write about and I think now I have found my niche and my blog is mine and no one else's,  I can and will write about whatever the eff I like. I have noticed a huge difference to my attitude in recent weeks when it comes to content and what I write about and have also learnt many lessons since last December when I started my blog.

A few nights ago I was approached by a company I had never heard of before and who I won't actually name because I don't want to be cruel and let the negativity I'm about to share upset their reputation. They are a new clothing brand and their wares are…I'll say it - tacky and chavvy. I was asked if I'd be interested in writing a blog post for them, they'd send me a 30% discount code to buy some things and if they liked what I wrote, the discount would increase and brand rep opportunities were also available. I heard them out, scrolled through the website and was completely honest telling them I wasn't keen on the clothes available, wished them all the best for the future and thanked them for their consideration of me. They quickly got back to me trying to change my mind asking if I liked the bags and I could just write about one of those instead and I instantly felt pressured to buy one to shut them up and also realised I was just about forcing myself to like something for the sake of a brand. I had a shower and whilst stood there lathered up in some of The Comforter, gave myself a slap around the chops and said "Ellis you fool, they're literally asking you to pay them to advertise their product for free on your blog…'. This may seem completely obvious to experienced bloggers but this was the first time anything like this had happened to me before. I actually researched this brand and in the first page of results from Google came a couple of reviews from other bloggers talking about why you shouldn't work for this brand and they shared their experiences. In the comments, many other bloggers had written that the same brand had also mugged them off too, the products were cheap and badly made, had huge price tags and customer service was poor. I then felt a huge sigh of relief that I had gotten away, returned to Twitter and blocked the brand who were still messaging me to buy their products.

A couple of weeks ago I also had my first negative experience with a brand I had actually gone ahead and worked with, had posted my review and everything was fine and dandy. That was until I saw that the photos I had taken to go alongside my post, which weren't edited by the way, had been taken without my consent, edited and posted on the brands Instagram page. I was furious. Not just that they had taken a photo without asking which I feel is very impolite, but they had edited the photo to make the product look nothing like what they were offering. They were contact lenses, violet ones which gave a very gentle hint of colour over my natural blue eyes, but the edited photos showed them to be a very deep dark purple. I emailed the brand stating my disappointment and asked them to remove the image and I took down my review from my blog because I point blank refuse to be associated with dishonesty. To my disgust, the brand emailed again asking me to put it back up for six months then I was free to take it down. Now listen here; I wasn't paid for this post and we had no agreement on time or anything like that. I was sent a product which I will also add, wasn't forced to like or even write about so to try and make me keep it posted after trust has been broken and dishonesty associated with my blog…I don't think so.

I also realise this may seem like the sassiest blog post I have ever written and I'm not usually this defensive or snappy, but I like plenty of other bloggers out there work hard to make our blogs shit hot, make friends and also build positive relationships with brands potentially leading to exciting opportunities. I feel that brands can sometimes target newer bloggers and trick them into things they aren't fully aware they're letting themselves in for and its such a shame. These experiences have also taught me the importance of having a press pack which is basically like your terms when it comes to working with brands. I would like to express again that these blogs are your own and no one else's. If something has been sent to you and isn't sponsored, you have no obligation to share or write anything on your blog, especially if brands aren't treating you right. Again this may seem very obvious to experienced bloggers so I apologise for banging on so much. Coming up to my one year anniversary I'd like to think I'm not as new to all of this as I thought I was before sitting myself down and thinking about this particular topic long and hard. I also now know for sure I have the balls to say no to brands and stick to what works for my blog and its content. 

I believe our blogs are one of the best platforms we can use to express our personalities, passions and documentations of life in general so remain strong, stick to your guns and don't be walked all over. Your blog is your baby! 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you've had any similar experiences…don't forget to share the positive ones too!

Ellis x


  1. Hey Ellis! I'm so sorry that this happened to you! Your experience with the clothing company is very similar to one that I had with a clothing brand - the site wasn't Boutique of Molly by any chance, was it? I had such a terrible experience with them. Their products can be found for less than half the price on other online shops so they are really just trying to rip people off and prey on new bloggers who don't have as much experience, which is quite disgusting! Really shocking behaviour by the contact lens company too, you did the right thing to email them! I'd have been livid if I was in your shoes! I really hope your future experiences with brands are a lot better, there are some great companies out there that treat bloggers really well! ❤️❤️❤️

    Abbey ✨

    1. Thankyou for your feedback Abbey - full marks for guessing correctly ;) so glad I managed to stay away from them, just wish we could do more to warn other bloggers!

  2. Wow, I had no idea how shady and scammy some of these brands can be when reaching out for blog promos! I'll definitely make sure to guard my blog in case a situation like this ever pops up for me. Thanks so much for sharing and being honest!

    xo E

    1. Absolutely, sometimes they can be very rude and so pushy :( no problem, glad it helped you! x


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