Craving A Trip To Disneyland

This time two years ago, James and I were packing to go to Disneyland Paris for Halloween…something I had wanted to do for ages! We had planned to get the train from Leiceser to London St Pancras, then hop on the Eurostar to Lille and Lille to Marne-De-Vallee. Of course you can get the Eurostar direct to Disneyland but its sometimes much cheaper to stop off in Lille on the way. We stayed in the Newport Bay Club hotel and as we'd both been before, navigating around Disneyland was a piece of piss. We had both gone with our families as children and I think James agreed to go as it was our first holiday together and he was being soft! These days I think I'd have to try seriously hard to get him to go back with me.

Disneyland for me is the place of no worries, as it should be. Some of my most special memories of being a whole family are from Disneyland Paris and going back gives me so much comfort. When I was a child, my brother and I adored the Big Thunder Mountain ride and luckily, so did our parents. I remember going on this dozens of times with them and one time, the train even broke down in the middle of the tunnel which was super exciting and as it was the last ride of the day, the operators sent us around again to make up for the interruption. It was brilliant!

My all time favourite ride was always Phantom Manor. I've always had a huge love for all things spooky and Halloween so it doesn't surprise me that this ride means so much to me. I loved walking through the house, listening to the tragic tale of the bride still waiting for her groom and all the creepy props lying around creating a fabulously scary atmosphere. The house alone looks incredibly impressive.

Above all, I love the magical feeling of walking down Main Street USA, hearing the gentle music in the background making you feel all carefree and away from your troubles. Looking up at Sleeping Beauty's castle, how each area of the park has a different feel to it and seeing your favourite movies coming to life. All of these factors have recently made me desperate to return. 

The downside to the park was the food. Even the Disney village is now starting to look very shabby and the food is ridiculously overpriced and not that great. Aside from that, I am dying to go back. We did agree that we'd both return to Disneyland when we had children so we could give them the same experience our parents did when we were kids, but thats such a long way off! I've also been watching Dizzy Brunette's vlogs from her time in Disneyland with Primark and its sparked off major memories for me. And of course, I've yet to go on a holiday where I've been vlogging so I'd love to go again and document the trip.

Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to Disneyland Paris. Many people say you haven't seen anything until you've visited Disney World in Florida so maybe one day we'll go but for us, Disneyland Paris is more than enough fun :)

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x


  1. Hello Ellis! I am really longing to visit Disneyland Paris! :) My husband and I are about an hour's drive from Orlando so we're close to WDW and all the other parks (we love Epcot)! We are going to get an annual pass soon. :) We are annual pass holders for Busch Gardens and Adventure Island (20 min drive away) and although they're a lot smaller they're loads of fun!

    We're also pass holders for Universal and Islands of Adventure, and if you haven't been to either one of those yet, I highly recommend you go!! Especially for your man :) I think most men prefer Universal/Islands of Adventure over Disney but I could be wrong.

    Living in Florida has its perks, but can't compare to being able to hop over to Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, etc or even the beautiful Cornish coast on holiday! Hopefully some day we'll make our way across the pond! And then we'd just vacation here. ;)

    xo E

    1. Florida sounds gorgeous! It must be so fun having annual passes to the Disney parks and Universal! I'm dying to visit the Harry Potter world over there :'D x


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