Da Vinci Exhibition - Nottingham Castle

To end my time off work, I headed to the temporary exhibition up at Nottingham Castle which held ten Da Vinci drawings from the Royal Collection. I've only ever seen one Da Vinci piece before in the Vatican in Rome and being a huge fan of his work, I thought it would make a fun day out and something a bit different. Despite being from Nottingham originally and spending a lot of time in the city, I'd not been up to the castle for a good few years. My Grandparents used to take my brother and I for days out and we absolutely loved it.

The exhibition was small and quite cramped, perhaps the tiny size of the drawings made it seem more crowded than it was people wise but they truly were magnificent pieces of art. Once we got up close, we  could really start to appreciate the intricate detail and Da Vinci's unmistakeable style. Even his writing although backwards, was beautiful to look at and his sketches all brainstormed together made it very easy for me to picture him there scribbling away his ideas and curiosities. For me this is one of my favourite things about Da Vinci's work - he threw things down onto his parchment trying to work out the answers to his questions- it was a wonderful thought picturing him hard at work with his drawings.

I didn't take any photos of the exhibition as it was quite dark but I managed to get some video footage which I have thrown together to show a few snippets of what I saw on the day. It was an awesome opportunity to see these drawings in person so major hats off to Nottingham Castle for hosting such a brilliant exhibition!

Thanks for reading :)

Ellis x


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