Daddy-O Has Changed My Life

Its no secret here on my blog that I'm constantly battling with dry, tangled hair that loves to dreadlock itself even two minutes after brushing it. It's been driving me insane and I'm not gonna lie, I feel that I've tried every kind of hair mask, deep conditioning treatment, oils, you name it. My hair hates me. I'd seen Daddy-O by Lush highly recommended by other bloggers based on its suitability and usage on blonde hair in particular and since I'm a blondie myself with ever changing, usually pastel purple hair, I thought I'd grab myself a bottle whilst at the Lush Leicester Christmas event.

Daddy-O smells insanely good. Like Parma Violets and all things sweet thrown together making a gorgeous deep violet concoction. I've also had compliments on my hair at work which is crazy for me since I work with dogs, the smell of fresh hair never lasts long but Daddy-O has given me my hair confidence back. I can't smell it on myself, but others often comment my hair smells like sweets as I walk past which makes me very happy!

When I use Daddy-O, I always give myself a good massage around the roots and comb it through with my fingers. Its surprisingly conditioning for a shampoo and the colour when you rinse it out is incredible. When I get out the shower, my hair is usually all tangled and matted up but since using this stuff, it doesn't happen anymore. I couldn't be happier with the results and I was honestly contemplating cutting the majority of my hair off as I was beginning to get that upset with its unmanageable condition before trying this shampoo. 

It wasn't until I filmed a YouTube video the day after using Daddy-O that I noticed a visible difference. Every other win factor for me was based on the feel of my hair and the smell. Whilst editing this video I noticed that good god, my hair actually looked healthy! It looked nourished, shiny, NOT DRY. I nearly fell off my seat and felt so happy that I have finally found a product that works for me and my very long, stubborn hair. 

I've always thought oh my - a Lush product would have to be shit hot in my opinion to warrant having a whole blog post to itself but ladies and gents, this is it for me. I thought at first that I'd use Daddy-O as a 'treat time' shampoo because it is on the pricier side compared to standard drug store products but its a price I'm happy to pay again for another bottle because its just so damn good!

Let me know if you've tried this and if not, what is your favourite Lush product?

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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