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Todays post is going to be all about Frannerd, or just Fran for short! I may have mentioned a couple of times in a vlog or two how much I love this illustrator and it just so happens she is a YouTuber as well which is how I found her shop. I've been subscribed to Fran for a while now but I remember finding her channel after searching 'how to become a freelance illustrator' and her little face popped up. I LOVE her videos and the variety of content she posts. Sometimes its an art supplies haul, art favourites, day in the life, traveling and sometimes even a 'lets draw something' which allows you to see her creations come to life.

Anyway I remember waiting a while for Fran's Etsy shop to reopen after she had a revamp and moved house etc and finally got round to placing myself an order. As an illustrator myself, I know its such a special feeling when someone decides to support your work and buy from your shop. I also realise not everyone is into buying artwork because they think its a waste of money blah blah blah, but I think certain people appreciate art and do see it as a real job. I'm also really enjoying reviewing these Etsy shops and can't wait to discover more just in time for Christmas.

I was super giddy when this slid through my letterbox and was so impressed to see Fran had continued her unique handwritten font onto the writing of my address and personalised it with her own marks. The parcel itself came in a very sturdy envelope and the print was supported by a strip of cardboard for further protection, wrapped in bakers twine creating an adorable bundle.

The piece I went for is called "Waiting" and its a giclee print on beautiful textured paper. I'm in love with Fran's use of pastel colours and I absolutely adore her style. This is my first piece of artwork by Fran and I plan of saving it to frame for my new office room in the new house. My print cost me £8 which is a fantastic price for an A5 sized illustration print and I'm sure I'll be back for more!

Its honestly one of the best feelings in the world supporting another artist and you know they always appreciate it. Art prints make wonderful gifts once framed and they're also not too pricey if you're on a budget and want to get a different kind of present for a friend or family member.

I'll pop a link to Fran's Etsy shop below so you can access it as easily as possible if you fancy a mooch around! 

Thankyou for reading!

Ellis x

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