Painting Hades - Disney Villain #1

Last week I did a bit of an art haul over on my YouTube channel which included some new acrylic paper which I had never used before and I also grabbed a few new brushes and a tube of brilliantly pink acrylic paint. Buying stuff like this has a wonderful effect on my motivation levels and I decided to start a series of villain paintings that I have been meaning to do for literally years. So first up, its Hades.

I started off by drawing the outline and rubbing away any unnecessary lines as these can sometimes smudge when paint goes over them if the lines are too heavy. Then I did a rough style background around the edges. I always do backgrounds first just because I find it gives a much neater finish when the painting is complete. I then made a start on his grey skin tone and went from there. I did a bit of extra shading or 'contouring' for Hades as sometimes old school Disney characters can look a little flat when its just one bold colour so I gave him some dimension.

I did his hair last as I wasn't quite sure how I was going to do this but in the end, I just went for a blend of different blues. I think I would have attempted something a bit more impressive for the hair and I'm not sure whether it was the paper I was using but the paint dried super quick and made blending rather difficult. I'm really pleased with the end result especially since I haven't painted since my Sixth Form days so hopefully this is the start of getting back into it for good. 

Verdict on the new paper? The brand I was using is the Winsor and Newton Acrylic Paper and I'm so in love with it. Its super easy to work with and I much prefer it to canvas already. The acrylic paints I used were also by Winsor and Newton which you can find it most art supplies shops.

Character paintings are just part of my hobby and I won't be making prints of these or adding them to my Zippi portfolio due to copyright infringement. Recently I've seen so many people taking Disney characters and making prints then selling them on the likes of Etsy which is illegal and not worth the risk.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the rest of the villains making an appearance on my blog soon!

Ellis x


  1. I've just came across your blog and wanted to let you know that you are incredibly talented! xx

    1. Thankyou so much Soph! On my way to yours now :) x

  2. You have some serious talent, girl! I wish I could paint like you! I can draw with pencils and pen and ink, but I am absolutely hopeless anytime that paint gets involved haha! Please keep posting your artworks, I love to see them!

    Abbey 🍓

    1. Thankyou so much :') I've been wanting to post arty based things for a while but wasn't sure whether people would be interested! Thankyou for your feedback…more are definitely on the way :D x


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