Painting Ursula - Disney Villain #2

Last week I started back at work and was really organised having prepared blog posts to schedule themselves whilst I was away from my computer for the first time in 11 weeks. Its not hit me too hard but I am struggling with time and finding it very frustrating not having much spare to spend on blogging, YouTubing and running my Etsy shop. I did however finish my painting of Ursula before I returned to work so I thought I would show you how I did it, what I used and the final piece :)

For Ursula I used the same paper and paints that I used when I did my Hades piece which were the Winsor and Newton acrylic paints on the Winsor and Newton acrylic paper. Not sponsored I promise! I've just loved this brand since my school days and they're always my go to for any art supplies.
I started by filling in block colours and adding some rough shading here and there. As I mentioned in my Hades post, the paper makes the paint dry super quick so I struggled with blending slightly, especially since my painting skills are slow and rusty since having my hand operation.
I then outlined everything and added a bit more dimension where I felt it was needed and that was pretty much it! 

I'm really enjoying these Disney villain paintings and they're such a relaxing and creative way to spend an afternoon. Snuggled up with a cup of tea and of course, a Disney movie! Obviously I watched The Little Mermaid whilst painting Ursula and loved every second. I also have Maleficent on the go which is nearly finished so stay tuned, another villain will be on their way shortly! If you have anyone else in mind you'd like to see me paint then I'd be more than happy to read some suggestions in the comments.

Thanks for reading :)

Ellis x


  1. I absolutely adore Ursula! Her and Scar are my two favorite Disney villains. The painting looks awesome!

    1. Thankyou Brooklyn! Scar is one of my all time favourites too :D he's so awkward to draw, but he's on my list! x


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