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I've recently been seeing a lot of advertising from a brand called Birch Box and have also continued to receive emails from Glossy Box even a year after cancelling and unsubscribing my mail with them. It got me thinking back to when I decided to cancel my Glossy Box and for a while, I tried to find something else to get delivered to my door as a monthly treat.

Truth is, I signed up to Glossy Box when I lived on my own over three years ago. Back then I was much more into makeup than I am now and had a huge collection of the stuff. Receiving a Glossy Box was so exciting and I always used to try and psych myself up to start filming unboxing videos for YouTube which never happened. For the first year and a half or so, the products were amazing, a great variety, a lot of the time high end and it was great to try new things without paying full price for them.
Then a few months down the line, Glossy Box wasn't so glossy anymore. They started to send face wipes that I could get in Wilko's for £1 and cellulite creams, the same shades of nail varnishes and awful dark blushes. I mulled it over and decided to cancel my subscription with a heavy heart, it felt like I was ending a relationship.

I tried to find another beauty subscription box and just couldn't seem to feel the same way with them as I did Glossy Box. I've tried a few and each time just didn't feel that connected with a brand or the products sent. Its something I try and rekindle a romance with but alas, I haven't found the subscription box for me. The only thing that gets delivered to our house now is Custards food with is a Tails subscription. Dog food. Thats how exciting my life is!

So I'm calling out to my blog readers - do you receive a subscription box and if so, please do tell! I really miss having a goody box sent to my door each month and its such an exciting moment when you see what's been sent and get stuck into trying lots of new things you perhaps wouldn't normally pick up.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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