Taking Too Much On & De-Stressing

As some of you may have noticed, I've been off work for over two months now after an incident with my hand resulting in the need for surgery and despite being away from my full time job, I have still found myself feeling really busy and this week it all got a bit too much. My hand still isn't 100% back to normal so drawing is still proving to be rather difficult but its not stopped me from getting involved with designing wedding invites for a friend, making the candles for her wedding favours, helping my Mum with her graphic design business and of course, making the most of my time by blogging and making videos for my YouTube channel. I won't lie, I've really enjoyed all this time getting creative but I've also felt quite stressed out. I think the main reason behind this is because I get ever so guilty when I'm ever off sick from work, even if its just for a day or if I go home half way through a shift. I feel terrible and so anxious about letting my team down. We've also been going through a very lengthy mortgage process which isn't over yet and the whole thing has tipped me over the edge at times. On a more positive note, its made me sit and think about the things I can or could be doing to de-stress and actually take some me time. I'm a self confessed workaholic especially when it comes to my Etsy shop so I'm going to focus on the me time and how to achieve just that. You know that twisted gut feeling you get when you're nervous…I've had that for two months straight. Time to kick it in the face.

1. Get an organiser
I already have an organiser and I'll admit, keeping up with one isn't one of my strengths. I keep reading that structure and schedules are a god send when it comes to blogging and making the most of your time so I decided to dig mine out and start using it again. I also have a big enough bag now so I can take it everywhere with me without worrying about space. I find it very soothing to write down my scheduled blog posts and any ideas or comments I may have for new ones. I doodle, scribble and make the most out of it and will encourage myself to do so from now on.

2. Cups of tea…and biscuits!
This has been a must have for me over the past few weeks. Maybe its an English thing, but theres definitely something about taking a little break and snuggling up with a cup of something hot in your favourite mug with a little plate (or the whole tin) of biccies. If I'm feeling the need for something extra indulgent I'll grab a hot chocolate or a frothy latte. Its important to come away from your work even just for 15 minutes to have a little break.

3. Enjoy some pamper time
Its easy to say 'pamper yourself' but what about actually enjoying the pampering? Recently I noticed I always feel like its such a chore looking after myself and have decided its time to change this mindset. I have a shit tonne of body butters in my bathroom and haven't use one for months. Its a chore taking my makeup off, a chore shaving every inch of skin, a chore brushing my very long hair. I picked up a load of new and exciting goodies from Lush to relight my love for pamper evenings and it seems to be helping. The other night, I spent a good ten minutes combing a hair mask through with my fingers and making sure every single strand was coated. I whacked on a fresh Lush face mask afterwards, got into some freshly laundered jammies and snuggled up feeling wonderful. Being mindful and appreciating these luxuries makes it even more enjoyable.

These have been my top three go to things for de-stressing but there are plenty more ways to unwind and relax. I'm hoping to head back to work next week after seeing the consultant at Derby Hospital on Monday again so I will most likely let you all know how that goes. Don't worry…I have plenty of blog posts scheduled so hopefully it doesn't hit me too hard!

Thanks for reading,

Ellis x


  1. It's so difficult being off sick! I know that might sound odd but I've found that actually letting myself rest and not worth has been one of the hardest things ever! I am going to sit at the weekend and make a plan for next week that gets me out in the fresh air every day!

    Charlotte | www.shoestringchic.co.uk

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