What Is Zippi?!

Recently I've re-fallen in love with an online platform which allows and helps artists and designers to sell their work. Zippi creates top quality home and gift wares featuring our quirky designs and helps us to get our work seen and sold. For any other fellow illustrators and artists alike out there, you will most likely understand the struggle we face with trying to sell our work and promote it often enough to be able to do so.
I first signed up to Zippi last summer when I fractured my leg and was off work for a few weeks. I found that I had a lot of time on my hands and accidentally stumbled across this platform whilst scrolling through Twitter. I checked it out and immediately admired what they do and decided to build myself a portfolio. Doing this is super easy, you just upload your work and you then have the option to choose which products to sell with the design on. For example, a piece may look shit hot on a cushion but not so great on a mug, so you have the freedom to make these decisions yourself.
When your work sells, Zippi deals with the rest. They put the products together, ship them out and you get a final cut of whatever the price was. In my completely honest opinion, the money we get back as artists doesn't seem like much so I remind myself that the rest of the money has gone to the staff at Zippi doing the behind the scenes work and the materials need paying for too. For the sake of uploading a piece of work that might otherwise be sat in a folder collecting dust somewhere, these small commissions are much better than nothing!
Whilst being off with my hand these past two months, I've focussed on my Zippi portfolio for the first time in months and added so many more designs which I'm really pleased with. Its also a great way to see if your designs look any good on certain products as Zippi's technology allows you to see the design on the items once you've uploaded them. The range of giftware is insanely good and you can pink up products ranging from canvases to laptop skins, key rings to bags, cushions to coasters and place mats…even jigsaws! The variety is incredible and really fun to have a mooch through. Think Christmas and gift guides!

You can view my portfolio here :)

Let me know what you think and which designs are your favourite! I'll be adding plenty more to my portfolio in the near future :)

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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