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Yesterday I headed for a much overdue trip to the new Primark at Fosse Park in Leicester and thought I'd cover my entire experience with a blog post. I felt like a mystery shopper taking extra note of the store layout and customer service but it was great to have a mooch around another store which wasn't my usual go-to.

First impressions - much better layout and despite being really short, I still found it easy to navigate around. I found this exceedingly difficult in the Oxford Street Primark in London so the Fosse Park store did well here. I also appreciated the lounge areas, which were in various corners of the store to have a little sit down when the shopping got a bit too much. A great dumping ground for bored boyfriends! 

The section I was most excited for was the home ware, but was disappointed in how typically sparse this area was. I've yet to find a Primark where there is a decently sized home section so if you're local store has one, drop me a comment! I did however spot a couple of shelves downstairs completely dedicated to stationery which was impressive, especially since there were bits from the Gabriella range which I have never seen before. There was also a whole row of Christmas home ware which kind of made up for the lack of it upstairs but I didn't spot anything I fancied. Regardless, it was nice to see Primark getting all festive and the range of colour schemes was awesome.

Clothes wise, there is an awesome range of jeggings and jeans which is something else I feel other stores lack, however this one didn't seem to have many tshirts and tops which is what the Nottingham store goes overboard with. There were however plenty of coats, a huge beauty section where everything also look fully stocked (a lot of stores beauty sections look like they've been ransacked!) and there was an enormous area completed dedicated to sweet treats and stocking fillers.

At the till, the staff were polite and chatty which in my experience is hard to come by especially in Primark. The lady who served me was really friendly as were the rest of the team serving other customers and the process was quick. Overall the entire store was tidy, well stocked and clean which was very refreshing to see and I hope it stays this way!

If you want to see what I picked up, you can watch my latest haul video below :)

Thanks for reading and let me know if you've visited the Fosse Park Primark store :)

Ellis x


  1. So cool! I wish we had Primark here too! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!!

  2. I have NEVER found a Primark with a decent homeware range, it's so dissapointing! I really want to pick up a few bits from the Gabriella range next time I'm in Dublin (I have to travel like 2 hours to get to Primark), it look fab! x

    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes


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