What Motivates Me?

Tonight over on my Twittersphere I stumbled across a big discussion going on around blogging as a job, blogging with a full time job, blogging alongside a YouTube channel etc. You get where this is going. It was all very positive, bloggers and YouTubers alike pulling together and proving that each is very much hard work, which is a common misconception by people who don't do it themselves.

It got me thinking about how I manage my time and workload, especially since I'm juggling a full time (6 days a week) job, blog, YouTube channel, Etsy shop and squeezing time in to see family and friends alongside all of this. 

Truth is, as much as I would LOVE for blogging to be a full time job for me, I remind myself its still early days and hard work will hopefully one day pay off. I also continue to see my blog and YouTube channel as hobbies, not extra work that I have to do. I love coming home after a really busy, stressful day at work and being able to submerge myself in my blog, Twitter friends and reading other peoples posts. This is my downtime and I try to never lose sight of that.

Every evening I make the effort to have a little sit down with my blog. James doesn't get home until 6pm and I get home at 4:30pm so it gives me a good hour and a half to myself to get my pooch fed and let out and then we cuddle up on the sofa together with a cup of coffee. When James gets home, sometimes after the gym at 7pm, its full steam ahead and we make dinner together then watch a film amongst a tonne of candles and fairy lights.

During the week is mainly when I see my best friend Sophie. Due to me working most weekends and weekends also being her only time off, she often pops over to see me after work in the evenings, so again we have a good catch up over dinner. Good friends don't need anything else, it doesn't matter if your house is a mess or your blog stats aren't doing great that day. Friends and family are something that I always make time for.

I also keep a diary so I can visualise my week easier and organise more efficiently. Despite having posts scheduled most of the time, I still lay them out in my diary to see when they'll be going live and how long I leave it in between each post. I'd rather spread 3 out over a week than bam them all out one after the other.

My Etsy shop is the only thing that manages to really get on my wick occasionally. Not in an angry way, more of a very frustrated-wish-there-was-more-time kind of way. Especially when I have orders to pack (which is one of my favourite things to do!) and I can't sit and take my time with it. Silly I know, but my Etsy shop came before anything else and always will. I absolutely love making quirky illustrations that make people smile and its my ultimate first love.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not as cool as a cucumber all the time about all of these hobbies of mine. Some nights I have found myself sobbing and cursing that bloke called Time for not giving us enough and full time jobs draining us of energy, both mentally and physically. But, good things come to those who work bloody hard which is my main quote for motivation. Blogging isn't easy alongside a full time job and it sure as hell isn't a quick task to get finished. Let alone think 'sod it, I'll start a YouTube channel' on top of my Etsy shop and busy life. Ha! Madness. 

But its my madness and I love it.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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