Why I Started Blogging

Its coming up to my blogs one year anniversary this December and it got me thinking back to this time last year and how terrified I was to start a blog. It was something I had attempted before and just never felt that into it, mainly because I thought that what I was writing was complete tripe that no one would be interested in. I had no knowledge of templates or coding, finding a 'niche' and above all I was dreading the days where family and friends would accidentally discover my posts.

Truth is, after about five months of blogging I felt much more comfortable. Thanks to Twitter, I've also made some online friends who I chat to regularly, we support each others blogs and I have positive high hopes for my blogs future.

But why did I start blogging? Like many people, I was inspired and the idea of creating a personal space to share your loves and document life was just so exciting to me. Back in the day I had a Piczo account and spent hours building my platform. Oh the cringe. I also wasn't aware of the brand opportunities and this year I have had the pleasure of working with a handful of lovely people and its built on my blogger experience and given me some much needed confidence. You learn as you go with blogging, sometimes things work and sometimes they don't. I've had one 'run in' with a brand I wasn't impressed with who violated my terms and slapped my face on social media false advertising their product but hey, lesson learnt. I've also experienced a couple of brands who are just out for free advertising from bloggers they assume don't have a clue what they're up to. We can spot you a mile off, be warned! But overall, brand opportunities have been awesome and I look forward to more.

Overall, my journey this year has developed me so much as a blogger and I'm very excited for next years opportunities. I've also inspired a friend to give blogging a go and positive feedback like that makes it so much better. Don't get me wrong, there have been weeks where I've felt pressured to get so many posts out on time or that my ideas weren't strong enough to warrant an entire post, but thats the point of it being your blog. You make them however long or short, witty or serious as you like. 

On 2nd August, I had surgery to repair a tendon in my hand that had been severed after a nasty washing up accident. I was out of action for two and a half months and during that time, my blog was there to keep me entertained, keep me socialising and it was also the silver lining to my trauma. I was able to spend more time developing my space, creating better content and mooching through other peoples blogs and giving my support. 

One of my favourites things about blogging most of all is the ability to look back over life events and feel like you're reliving them. I often flick back to my post on Dublin which was our honeymoon trip away and it always makes me smile remembering our time there. Blogging has also given me the confidence to start my YouTube channel which again, is something I had wanted to do for years and never had the confidence to take the plunge. I have just hopped over the 100 subscriber milestone which would never have happened if I hadn't have started my blog first. Funny old world isn't it?

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x


  1. Such a lovely post! I'm really enjoying your blog and your photos are amazing <3


  2. The best thing I can think of about Blogging is the community. It's so lovely and supporting and genuine! Blogs are honestly a pretty great way to get to know people! Congrats on your first year!!

    Alisha | http://www.alishaspinkdaisies.com/

  3. I love the photos with this post, and you're right, the community is such an amazing thing to be part of! Hels xx


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