August Bluetooth Speakers Review

This post excites me a lot because I get to talk about something I haven't mentioned very much on my blog recently and that is music! August very kindly sent me this awesome set of bluetooth speakers to try and since I've been on the hunt for some bluetooth speakers for a couple of months, I jumped at the opportunity. 

At every possible moment, I will have music on in my house and I love all kinds of genres ranging from alternative to classical, pop to rock and for me its one of the best mood lifters out there. It eases my anxiety, some songs are incredibly nostalgic and its a good excuse to open up those lungs. They arrived boxed up neatly and everything was wrapped individually for protection. I really love the matte finish on these speakers and their unique triangular shape.  They're also pretty lightweight and sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, thats how small they are!

I was surprised at the compact size of these speakers and even more impressed at how powerful they are. I've had a good play about with a whole tonne of different songs and they really do pack a punch. Its a clear sound, no crackling under heavy bass notes and the battery lasts a hell of a long time. These are rechargeable through a USB cable so theres no need for batteries as they're already built in. I've not even had to charge these up since opening them and I've had them on everyday for a week!
The August speakers also connect to devices ridiculously fast and this was the part I was dreading. I've found in the past some products fail miserably at connecting to iPhones or laptops with Bluetooth but my iPhone found these in a jiffy and there is no complicated set up involved. Just turn them both on, connect the cable to each and away you go! You can also set a good distance between your device and the speakers so theres no need to worry about loosing the connection.

I've also got an awesome 40% off link if you wish to grab yourself a pair of these which you can find here. They normally cost £47.45 on Amazon so its a pretty good discount and these would make a great gift for any music lover!

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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