Jewellery Box Review

I'd been seeing a cute little brand called Jewellery Box quite a bit on my Instagram feed and I eventually checked them out and grabbed myself a couple of treats and some Christmas gifts for two of my friends. I chose a dainty star pendant necklace and a little bracelet to match and was instantly impressed by the cheap prices for sterling silver jewellery.

My pieces came packed in little brown kraft envelopes with a Jewellery Box logo sticker. Inside the jewellery came individually wrapped in a clear plastic packet to keep it clean and safe.

I'm a huge fan of dainty jewellery so when these arrived, I squealed with delight and put them straight on. Despite them being so tiny and the chain being very thin, it doesn't stop them from being strong and I've had them on now for a good month and not taken either of them off once. They also come stamped with the 925 sterling silver mark up near the clasps.

I also ordered a bracelet each for two of my good friends for Christmas pressies and I think this design is a really sweet one to give to the special ladies in your life. I may even have to order another one for myself because I think the two hoops are a nice alternative to the typical '8' infinity symbol and again its a really dainty piece of jewellery.
The prices for all of Jewellery Box's products so reasonable and they stock a whole range of pieces from rings to necklaces, nose rings to bracelets and a tonne of charms so you could even design your own. I'd highly recommend this lovely little brand for all of your jewellery treats and because they come beautifully packaged, they'd make gorgeous gifts to!

Thanks for reading :)

Ellis x

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