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Recently I was inspired to talk about going out with no makeup on and I wanted to reflect on it. I saw a post on Leanne's blog titled 'Barefaced' and it was one of the more refreshing posts I've read in a long time. Her words sounded far too familiar so I thought I'd echo her points and chat about them here.

In the past, I've been told I look ill with no makeup on or that I look 'rough'. Don't we all? I've done my makeup some mornings for work and since I work with animals, I never make loads of effort. A bit of BB cream sorts me right now and one coat of mascara on my top lashes just to open up my eyes a bit. But there have been mornings where I've thought, nah I'll leave the mascara today and people have questioned whether I've been crying. Friends and family assume something is wrong if I haven't got any makeup on or find it acceptable to tell me how crap I look without it. Charming.

Then theres the assumptions that men seem to make and this is an extremely common one. Luckily, I married a guy who loves makeup just as much as I do (except for some of the price tags!) and he understands why I wear it. Some days he even asks for a tiny dab of BB cream himself for a dark circle or a lurking spot but there is absolutely no shame in this. I actually love that he's so comfortable asking for a touch of makeup to make him feel a bit better. Men and wearing makeup is a topic for another time, but a lot of men assume women do themselves up specially for them. What the hell even is this? People enjoy putting makeup on because it makes them feel good, looking shit hot for a date is just an added bonus.

Thing is, sometimes I've stayed at home all day and I've still put a full face on because its fun to do and it makes me feel motivated, ready for the day and confident. Using makeup to highlight our already beautiful features has turned into something else and its a little bit upsetting. Some days I don't even care, I'll answer the door to my postie, nip out to the supermarket without any makeup on and I'm fine. But on others, my social anxiety gets the better of me and I just don't feel confident enough without it. 

Having suffered with anxiety now for a rubbish 15 years, as I've got older its started to show on my face. After a bad episode or restless night, my skin looks tired and lifeless so applying even a little bit of makeup makes me feel so much better. Makeup is such a personal thing and the power it has to make us feel so much more comfortable and confident is wonderful. I don't feel makeup should be seen as such a 'mask' thats just hiding everything underneath. This is where insecurities come from and we end up feeling ashamed and embarrassed over our own faces because we're conditioned into believing we're covering it up rather than enhancing our features.

Whether you wear makeup or not, what matters is what makes you feel good.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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