November Favourites

This is exactly why I didn't commit to blogmas this year. Slap bang in the middle of packing my house ready to move, during the festive season, gaining a new pet, working full time and running an Etsy shop? Maybe next year I'll have a strategy! Better late than never, here are my November favourites!

Cadbury Oreo Chocolate
Cadburys have really upped their game recently and have invented even more tasty, wonderful delights perfect for cosy nights in with a film and your favourite humans. I'm not kidding when I say…this is possibly my favourite bar by Cadburys now they've really pushed the boat out and filled it chocca with Oreo style layered goodness. Its so creamy and the best sweet treat combination I've ever had. I can't wait to try the other bars from their new 'Big Taste' range.

Georgia Nicolson Book Series 
This is a series I became obsessed with during my early teens and I've never had the heart to get rid of my books. They're in an immaculate condition and whilst packing my bookcase the other week, it dawned on me that I would love nothing more than to read them again. I sat myself down in front of the movie and as great as the books are, the film just doesn't do them justice. The books are so much more hilarious, you learn so much more about the characters and I actually find myself laughing out loud. Georgia is bloody brilliant and despite these books being aimed at teens, whats stopping us from reading them again? I took to Twitter and was amazed that so many people have no shame in re-reading their favourite books from their teenage years and even more gobsmacked that people still buy these types of books whatever their age! This is music to my ears! 

Joe Browns Pjams
These pjams are so soft and festive I couldn't leave these out of my November favourites. Joe Browns have some stunning Christmas gifts in at the moment and some beautiful outfits perfect for Christmas parties and being merry. I'm in love with the pattern on these and the long sleeves on the top are so cosy and great for layering with your dressing gown for extra warmth.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner
During the colder months, my skin turns on me and this year has been the worst. Its flaky and even scabbed over in some places on my arms…too much information? What I love about this body conditioner is like all Lush products I've ever tried, its super sensitive on your skin yet does a great job. I whack some of this onto my problem areas which is mostly my arms, leave it a couple of minutes then I hop in the shower and let it rinse off. Its got such a gorgeous sweet scent to it and in typical Snow Fairy fashion, leaves behind a subtle shimmer.

So I thought I'd keep it short and sweet this month since its been a busy one but never fear! I already have a whole load of goodies piling up for December's favourites which I'm very excited about.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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