Olympus Pen Unboxing & Review

On November 30th I turned 25 and I had saved up to treat myself to a new blogging camera. Having done my research and also had this particular model shuvved in my face via the blogging and YouTube communities on Twitter for the past few months, I had to investigate and decided it sounded like the camera for me. 

Back in June this year, I plucked up the courage to start making YouTube videos and bought myself a fairly cheap Panasonic Lumix from Amazon to get me started. Truth be told, I wasn't too thrilled with this little camera even to begin with. I've always been a big lover of cameras and like to save up for a decent piece of kit rather than buy cheap crap. It sounds so snobby of me but when I bought my SLR, I did my research and bought myself something I was going to enjoy using, produce work I'd be proud of and also wouldn't go too 'out of date' over time as technology inevitably does. The Lumix was pathetic and the image quality was terrible. I believe I paid £114 on Amazon for this camera and filmed my first few videos using it. The auto focus was horrendously poor and even taking standard photos was infuriating. I'd taken photography at Sixth Form so I'm picky when it comes to quality in images. God I'm making myself sound like a dick. The bright side to the Lumix is it got me into YouTube without paying a larger sum for a vlogging camera as I didn't know whether YouTube was something I was going to enjoy let alone commit to.

I was weighing up between the Olympus Pen and the Canon G7X and since I'd heard a lot about the Canon sort of failing over time especially with its focus, I looked further into the world of the Olympus Pen. I also understand the new model for the Pen has just come out yet I couldn't justify spending an extra £100 so close to Christmas when the specs weren't much different so I purchased myself the EPL7. I am amazed by the quality of this camera already and cannot wait to get properly stuck into using it.

It has such a good solid weight to it which I'm very pleased with as sometimes cameras can feel a bit too plastic and fragile but this bad boy means business. The buttons are easy to use - this may sound daft but in the past I've experienced cameras with really stiff buttons or they're too small to use with ease but the Olympus Pen is perfect. The only thing I'm struggling to get used to is the flip down screen as theres a certain way it needs to fold out but I'm pleasantly surprised with how easy I found it to vlog with as I'm usually a flip up screen kinda girl. I got used to the new angle quickly and felt comfortable with the view finder.

Lets talk about image quality. Holy cow, I feel blown away both with photo images and video quality. I was able to vlog today without worrying about the focus and lighting in different rooms, the camera picks up the sound beautifully and again its super easy to use. For photos, I was amazed that it seems to lighten them up slightly if they're a bit too dark (like when the weather is mugging you off) and I also love the swift clicking sound when you've pressed the 'take' button. Its so quick, sharp and fun to use that I've fallen head over heels in love with this camera and its worth every penny.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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  1. You definitely made the right choice with an Olympus pen! I'm toying with the idea of getting one myself, just need to save up a few ££ first!

    The Yorkshire Gentleman


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