Painting Jafar - Disney Villain #3

I've not had much time to paint over the past few weeks but I thought I'd share my most recent Disney Villain piece that I did as part of my little series. 

I did Jafar in the same style as Ursula and Hades, using Winsor and Newton acrylic paints on the Winsor and Newton acrylic paper…non sponsored! I've really been loving getting back into painting and there's nothing I love more than recreating my favourite characters, especially if they're Disney. Jafar is just plain evil and makes my skin crawl when he's after a slice of Jasmine, but hey ho thats what makes a great villain. Also has anyone ever noticed what a bizarre neck Jafar has? Am I right?!

I currently have Maleficent on the go which I'll do a post on when she's ready. I'll also be doing a Disney Princess for a Christmas present so I'll be sure to share her when she's finished! I may also need to restock on the acrylic paper, its so lovely to work with so if you're a keen acrylic artist or just fancy a mess about, I highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading :)

Ellis x

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