Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Review

Whilst at the Lush Christmas Launch in Leicester in September this year, I grabbed myself a tub of the new Snow Fairy Body Conditioner to try after one of the shop assistants gave me a wonderful hand massage with it. It smells gorgeous as Snow Fairy always does…if you're a fan of sweet scents then this is a must to try! I know some people aren't that into Snow Fairy but I'm a big fan so it felt only right that I gave this a whirl.

I've found the best way to use this is by applying it just before a shower or a bath and waiting as little as 30 seconds before hopping in to rinse it off. I suffer from eczema especially on my arms and this product is both gentle and soothing, leaving my skin really soft and smelling beautifully sweet even hours after using. It also looks stunning in the tub with a gorgeous spinkling of blue glitter topping off the wonderful baby pink conditioner underneath.

This product is super festive and the unmistakable scent of Snow Fairy never fails to get me into the Christmas spirit. I got a medium sized tub which is sure to last me a good few months as I don't use it everyday…just when I fancy an extra dose of pampering.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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