Superdrug Extracts Review

I like to mix up my shampoo and conditioner because I swear to god, my hair loves to mug me off and get used to products if I use them for too long. I always have at least two shampoos and conditioners on the go in my bathroom which infuriates my husband but hey its a necessity. Nothing has come remotely close to how the Lush Daddy-O makes my hair feel and behave but my quest for fabulous hair care products continues. Although I love Daddy-O, I only use it around once a week because its fairly expensive and also I don't want my hair to end up getting used to it and it not having the same glorious effect.

Whilst perusing the Superdrug website the other day, I realised I was running low on shampoo and conditioner and spotted the Superdrug's own range 'Extracts'. Although it sounds snobby, I usually don't go for supermarket or drug store own products simply because of how stubborn my hair can be. Too much of a conditioning product makes my hair look super greasy even after a thorough rinse and something not conditioning enough leaves it disgustingly dry. I also have white blonde hair so some products leave it looking dull and without that healthy reflective shine.

I grabbed a bottle of the Extracts shampoo and a bottle of the conditioner, both in the scent 'Raspberry and Macadamia Nut' and the smell of these products is unreal. It smells like a sweetshop. They also come in generous 400ml bottles which is awesome as I always go for bigger bottles of product which is a must when you're hair is so long. Better yet, as its part of the Superdrug's own range, they're cruelty free and not tested on animals. 

The shampoo reminded me of Rose Jam with its gloopy consistency and also sucked itself back into the bottle if you didn't catch it quick enough. It was quite hard to lather up so I found myself grabbing extra from the bottle but it rinsed nicely and didn't leave my hair feeling dry. The conditioner was much nicer to use and was easy to run through the ends of my hair. It also didn't leave behind any greasy residue which I have found can happen with some conditioners and now my hair has been left to dry overnight naturally on its own, it smells devine and is silky smooth.

I purchased both bottles at an absolute steal of 89p each whilst they were on offer on the Superdrug website but they're still only £2.29 at full price. I always go to the Superdrug website for stocking up on any kind of toiletries because they've always got great offers on and you get free delivery when you're a Beauty Card holder. The Extracts range also have a few other scents which I'd quite like to try.

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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  1. I can just tell they smell amazing from looking at them! haha. Your posts are always so lovely, keep doing what you do pretty lady! x


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