The 2016 Recap

This year has been crazy. I feel that every year that goes by I think it was my best yet and sometimes the very worst things that happen can't stop it from being so positive so I thought I'd recap over the past few months. Its gonna be a long one, so grab a coffee and lets get cracking.

My year started out pretty crap. My Grandad's cancer took a turn for the worse and we lost him in February. I no longer have any Grandad's and this has been hard for me to deal with. I know some people never met their grandparents or have lost all of them so I won't go into it too much, but I think this contributed to my health meltdown which I'll go into shortly.

In March I married the love of my life, my moon and stars. The person I've loved since I was 16 and who keeps me safe and protected. We were friends back at school and from the second I saw him, no one ever came close to how he made me feel. We drifted after Sixth Form and went our own ways for a while but ended up colliding back together in 2014 and I couldn't be happier. He's my best friend, my family and everything I'll ever need. We went on our honeymoon to Dublin as each of us wanted to visit Ireland, we stayed in a beautiful hotel called Clontarf Castle and explored the big city for a few days which was a tick off the bucket list!

When we returned from Dublin, my mental health plummeted and I can only guess this was because the reality of loosing Grandad which was probably masked by the focus of the wedding, smacked me right between the eyes and I had what I can only describe as a mental health meltdown. I sought help, first from my GP then from my Occupational Health at work before seeing a psychiatrist. I won't go into it too much now, but if you want to read the post you can here. I also had my first blood test during this time to rule out any underlying problems and discovered I have a Vitamin D deficiency, nothing major. I was also put on Mirtazapine, a drug which I will never touch ever again. It made me gain a stone in weight which made me very self conscious. Standing at just 5 ft 1, a stone makes it look like a hell of a lot more and I was miserable for it.

In June, I started my YouTube channel. This is something I had wanted to do for years and years but never had the confidence. I think feeling as though I'd hit rock bottom inside my head made me feel like I had nothing to loose and I'm so very pleased I finally managed to push myself into it. I have enjoyed making videos since day one, despite its challenges and I've even gone over my end of year goal which was to reach 100 subscribers. Seeing my confidence grow has been wonderful and its one of my biggest ever achievements. James and I also went camping at the end of June for a little break with Custard and although it rained the entire time, we really enjoyed ourselves and made of it what we could.

July was rather quiet until the very end, when I was doing the washing up and managed to slice through a tendon in my hand. This went undiagnosed for a week before I had my first ever surgery on the 2nd August to fix my hand and I then spent a lot of time watching Netflix, Youtubing and blogging. I'm still struggling with the strength and movement of my hand now but at least its working and I'm managing. In a very funny way, this gave me the time my body and head needed to relax, take a break and do nothing but unwind for the next 2 and a half months.

In August we also started looking for a house to buy and this has been such a lengthy process. We were interested in one house which we went for and ended up pulling out a few weeks into it because of the awful homebuyers report. Then we decided to stay put in our little flat a while longer but then our dream house came on the market and we pounced. We put our offer in at the end of September and as of yet, we still haven't moved. We signed the contracts mid November and we really thought we were ready to go and would be in for Christmas, but delays with other people in our chain stopped this from happening. It looks as though we won't be moving until the end of January, but its given us some extra time to save up for some nice things to fill our new home with. 

In September I went to my first blogger event which was the Lush Christmas Launch and I had such a lovely time. As of yet, we still only have a shower due to not moving house to a bath tub but I do have a right stash of bath bombs going on which I'm so excited to use. I also got myself a new tattoo in September and the addiction is too real guys. 

Then in December, we gained a new member of our little family. An opportunity arose to home another dog and I'm so very proud and chuffed to bits to have given him a home with us. His name is Vespa and he's a Yorkshire Terrier, full of personality and he has a character I fell madly in love with as soon as I met him back in April 2014. He's had a tough time settling in and has a bit of separation anxiety going on but nothing we can't help him to combat. 

Its been a crazy year and so much has gone on. Its a shame we couldn't have moved into our new house ready for Christmas but we're lucky to have a roof over our heads and be together so we're over that disappointment. It'll just make it all the more special when we do eventually move. 

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

Ellis x


  1. This was such a comforting post to read as similarly I've had such a crazy year! I'm so sorry about your granddad, I lost my step-dad in July so suddenly and after moving into a new house only 4 months previously it was a lot to deal with. Reading about your house and wedding has made me reflect on all the good things that happened this year amongst the chaos!! Lily Lea x

    1. Thankyou so much Lily! It means a lot to know it helped. I'm so sorry for your loss too :( I really hope 2017 is a bit brighter for the both of us <3


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