Zootropolis Review

One night this week we decided to snuggle down to watch Zootropolis, one of Disney's latest films. I'll be honest, I don't get excited about new Disney film anymore and I miss the old style animation and stories. They're just not what they used to be, but that doesn't mean to say they can't be great! Following todays technology and what sells is all they're doing so you can't really blame them can you?

James bought me Zootropolis for my birthday and like the rest of the recent Disney releases, I was keen to see it but not queueing up on its release day. Now for my opinion and for a good ol' spoiler alert!

Zootropolis follows Judy the Rabbit who has always dreamt of becoming a police woman. She eventually moves to the big city of Zootropolis and is given a role as a metre maid which she despises but endures in the hope it might be a foot in the door to becoming a real cop to protect the city. She is just about fired when she assigns herself to finding a missing Otter, much to the dismay of her boss Chief Bogo, who gives her 48 hours to complete the task of finding him. Judy soon runs into Nick the Fox with whom she has a brief encounter with prior to her assignment involving fraud, theft and popsicles, and together they join forces to find Mr Otter. 

Thats all I'll say with regards to the story line, but I was so blown away by the creativity of this film that it has quickly become one of my new favourites that I'm dying to watch again. It was funny, clever, had an awesome range of characters and would appeal to both boys and girls. The story wasn't typically predictable and there were also lots of life lessons involved with incredible graphics throughout. I loved watching the relationship between Judy and Nick develop and it was also refreshing to see a non-romantic friendship grow throughout the movie.

The voices were also perfect matches for the characters and there are plenty of famous faces behind the animation such as Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba and Shakira to name a few. I am in love with this film and its one of Disney's best in a long time. The storyline was unique and it was great to see a leading lady being a protector and following her dreams. I highly recommend giving it a watch if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for watching!

Ellis x

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