Moving House Update

So my posting has been stupidly poor since the start of this fabulous new year (no sarcasm intended…or maybe it is). We've been waiting to move house now for six months. SIX. Its been delay after delay after delay and this week, we're supposed to be completing. Today, we were meant to exchange contracts but our sellers decided there was something wrong with their mortgage offer so its been delayed again. How they've only just noticed this I have no idea, but if we don't complete on Friday as promised, I may blow a fuse.

Tomorrow I'm off for some much needed retail therapy with my friend Vik because to be honest, I'm sick of working my ass off saving for this house and having no fun times. I've got some Christmas vouchers to spend so eff it. Ellis needs some loving. I'm missing my blog terribly and also making videos for my channel. A huge thank you to the people who have been subscribing whilst I've not even been uploading, it means the world!

Its also frustrating because we've been living out of boxes for a couple of months now after being told we'd be moved into our new home for Christmas which obviously never happened. We've decided that this weekend however, providing that we've got the keys, we'll decorate the bedroom to make it all nice ready to move our stuff in as we've booked a week or so off work. I think I'll give my office space a few licks of white paint too so its not so dark and gloomy to work in. Its a little boys bedroom right now! Honestly though, I'm a little bit doubtful towards the whole thing, its been going on for so long that I'll believe we're moving when the keys are in my hand!

Anyway, I thought I'd update you all on where we're at and hopefully my blog will be back to regular posting in no time! No doubt I'll have plenty to talk about :)

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x

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