A Cure For Wellness Movie Review

*As with all movie reviews, this is going to contain a few spoilers so if you don't want to ruin it for yourself, please feel free to skip this post*

Last night, James and I went to the cinema to see A Cure For Wellness at the Showcase at the Highcross in Leicester. The main star of this movie is Dane Dehaan so I was well up for seeing it with him being one of my favourite actors, plus the trailer made it look flippin' awesome. 

I have not felt so disturbed after watching a movie as I did with this one. There were moments throughout when I could have easily got up and left. If James wasn't with me, I would have surrendered and gone home but he would have gone ape shit so I stayed and stuck it out. The storyline was awesome; intense from the start and kept you guessing right up until the end. It revolved around the story of an old Sanitarium 'spa' which was built on the foundations of a castle belonging to a Baron and his Baroness, who was also actually his sister. The Baron was that obsessed with pure bloodlines, he was adamant they would have children together to continue their own line. When he discovers his sister is infertile, he starts conducting experiments on the peasants who eventually fight back and burn the castle to the ground. They capture the Baroness and cut the unborn baby from her womb, which survives after being thrown into an aqueduct.  

Dane Dehaan plays Lockhart, who is sent to the Sanitarium which is tucked away in the mysterious and remote Swiss Alps, to bring back Pembroke, who is the CEO for the company they both work for.  Basically, shit is going down within the business and the office need Pembroke to come back to pin all the mess onto. It wasn't exactly clear why Pembroke was there other than the poor guy sent a demented letter to the office explaining he wasn't well. Lockhart sets off and manages to convince Pembroke to come back to New York, but a car crash which breaks his leg forces him to be taken back to the Sanitarium and typically, he remembers nothing of the accident.

Lockhart then meets the Sanitarium's director Dr Volmer played by Jason Isaacs, who insists he stays at the spa for some rest. Lockhart is suspicious from the start and begins to investigate the entire building, discovering that the crazy experiments are still happening and that Dr Volmer is in fact the 200 year old Baron, who is surviving by taking 'the cure'. 

Without spoiling the storyline anymore, there were a few scenes which I just didn't feel were necessary and they were pretty damn vulgar. There are scenes of rape, masturbation and finger sniffing…say no more. Also if you have a fear of the dentist or anything to do with teeth, you may struggle to get through this film as I did. The acting from everyone involved was incredible and although I found it highly disturbing, you can't fault that this film was very well made and there were very few plot holes for a story so twisted and macabre. 

I don't regret seeing this movie one bit but it was definitely one where you'd feel terrified to go to the bathroom alone half way through the film! Dane Dehaan got so into his character and his acting was believable. Very well done to the director Gore Verbinski and writer Justin Haythe for making this movie so bloody brilliant - definitely worth a watch!

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