January Favourites

First off, sorry its a tad late but better late than never! Welcome to 2017's monthly favourites starting with January…obviously. This month I've been loving a few different things and its taken me a little longer to organise myself due to moving house and having no wifi - the sooner I can stop trying to hook up to BT Hotspots the better!

No Prob Llama range from Paperchase

Its no secret that my favourite animals are llamas so when I discovered this fabulous new range from Paperchase I couldn’t wait to get to my local store. I grabbed the money box, hot water bottle and the keyring but can’t wait to go and raid it all again. The hot water bottle is ridiculously soft and its not left my side especially since this month I came off the pill. The keying was also a cute little addition to my new house keys and revamping something so simple made me feel a whole lot more organised!

Rainbow Bag by Skinny Dip London

I treated myself to this beauty after spotting it on the Skinny Dip website (a regular pit-stop for me) and couldn’t resist any longer. They also offer a little discount when you sign up to their newsletter so if you’re a lover of adorable accessories you may want to get on it! This is my second purchase from Skinny Dip and honestly I’m so impressed by the quality of their products. They’re extremely well made, are long lasting and look gorgeous.

Our New House

How could I not put our new home into my favourites? It feels like luxury living here after 3 years in a cold, cramped flat but my god it makes you appreciate your hard work and the little things so much more. Coming home to a warm house is grand, snuggling under new blankets in your freshly decorated lounge (that you could choose without worrying about reverting back to plain walls when leaving a rental!) and having a carpet under your feet instead of the same wooden effect lino through the entire place…its glorious. My office is a great little escape from the world, our bedroom is lovely and fresh, cosy and Instagram worthy and our lounge looks like the inside of a chalet in the alps. I’m so very happy with it all and could easily stay here for the rest of my life.

Superdrug Face Masks
After coming off the pill this month, my skin became a little unsettled and its been super dry as well as developing a few spots here and there. Usually I have typical combination skin but since coming off the pill, my face has been so dry especially around my forehead and chin which would normally be the oilier parts of my mug. I grabbed a few of these from Superdrug as I'd not tried these flavours before and they're really cheap (I believe they're also 3 for 2!). 

Baths & Lush…duh
I'm sure many people will agree, a bath is not a bath without at least one Lush product. Our new place has a bath so naturally, I've been making the most out of it and I'm glad I did because our boiler has just packed up. Grand. Nethertheless, I've been enjoying a good old soak by candlelight, lapping up all of the gorgeous scents and taking out some quality me time. Also if you've not tried a Lord of Misrule bath bomb, you're seriously missing out. Its beautiful to watch in the water and smells absolutely fabulous. I've also been enjoying the Candy Mountain bubble bar and the Butter Bear bath bomb! I also won a stunning hamper box from L'Occitane a couple of months back so I was saving these goodies for the move and I'm so very glad I did. The lavender bubble bath is to die for…so relaxing and perfect for getting ready for bed.

Notebooks in my Etsy shop
I recently ordered in some new designs for notebooks and they went into my Etsy shop during January. There are 4 new designs to choose from and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I'm also super appreciative for all of our customers keeping us really busy throughout the start of the year and we've certainly been feeling the love with all the Valentines cards we've made!

ASMR Glow - YouTube
It's been a while since I added an ASMR video to my favourites but this girl is so relaxing and I've been listening to this video literally every night to help me sleep. She has an adorable accent and is so beautiful, I've truly been addicted to her videos this month! Again, if you haven't tried ASMR to help you to relax, give it a try :) it might surprise you! 

So they are just a handful of things I've really been loving throughout January and I have plenty already lined up for February so be sure to check back for those at the end of this month! Let me know if you have tried any of these in the comments and feel free to leave any recommendations :)

Thanks for reading!

Ellis x


  1. OH, congrats on the new home!
    Ps. That hot water bottle looks absolutely adorable :-)

    ♥ Jasmin N // Little Things With Jassy


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